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    22 Reasons Why Greggs Is Britain's National Treasure

    Two words: yum yum.

    1. They apparently have the best free Wi-fi on the UK high street, the most important factor when choosing any eatery.

    The Webby Awards / Via

    2. They've made it easy and socially acceptable to walk around eating a slice of pizza.

    3. And there's even sit-down Greggs for when you're feeling fancy, so you could enjoy that pizza slice in a refined way.

    In #Leeds with work. It's so posh even the #Greggs has indoor seating. Incredible.

    4. The feeling of eating a sausage roll from there on a dreary, rainy day is sensational.

    I just had a pizza slice and sausage roll from Greggs

    5. Gregg's appreciates Britain's regional differences, hence the stottie cake only being available up North.

    6. And they cater to all, even selling haggis pies in Scotland.

    Just had a haggis pie from a greggs bakery in Glasgow. Life changing. Last day of tour and I am sad

    7. It beat Starbucks in a survey of people's preferred coffee places.

    8. Their festive bakes have won the hearts of the nation.

    Just heard someone describe a greggs festive bake as "the Armani of pasties". Hard to disagree with that

    9. Because they have yum yums, which is probably the most accurate name given to an item of food, ever.

    Greggs / Via

    10. It's of such national importance, there was a whole TV show dedicated to it.

    Sky 1 / Via

    11. You can dine like royalty by having steak on a whim, albeit in the pastry-encased form of a Steak Bake.

    Steak bake is THE BEST hangover cure😻😻 @beerleader2 @paulthebankie

    12. It's good enough for Hollywood actors like Jake Gyllenhaal.

    We hear that #JakeGyllenhaal likes to go HAM on a Greggs when he's in London. #Southpaw

    13. They get that what you actually need at lunch is cheese, bacon, and carbs.

    Greggs / Via

    14. You don't even have to go to Greggs to eat Greggs.

    15. Because they are literally everywhere, you will never be without a warming pastie.

    16. And Greggs has magical hangover-curing properties.

    Greggs is defo the best hangover cure EVER I feel like a new woman I'll take 12 steak bakes thanks

    17. They provide the kind of no-frills baked goods we're all too ashamed to admit we want in this post-GBBO world.

    Greggs / Via

    "Just a simple teacake for me please".

    18. Their Twitter game is strong and on-brand AF.

    19. And their Christmas cakes are just darling.

    20. Ditto their Halloween ones.

    21. But it's a known fact that their food doesn't need to be pretty to be delicious.

    Flickr: Andrew / Via / Flickr: nez

    🎶 All its curves and all its edges, all its perfect imperfections 🎶

    22. And it all begs one question...