19 Problems That Are Way Too Real For Girls Who Are Always Cold

    So. Many. Layers.

    1. You can only have your showers at scalding hot temperatures.


    2. Putting together a nice outfit is pointless, because you'll rarely take off your jacket.

    3. And rather than ~wintery looks~, you're more likely to put on ALL THE LAYERS.

    4. The only way to warm your hands is to put them between your thighs, but this can obviously only be reserved for when you're at home.

    5. Cold offices are your worst enemy, so you have to bring your own heater or blankets, even if it looks excessive.

    6. Your feet are always cold, so you either have to warm them on a significant other...

    7. ...or live in slippers and thick socks when you're at home.

    8. You're always shivering even when indoors.

    9. And you HATE when someone thinks you're exaggerating.

    “it’s not that cold” bitch I’m freezing

    It's not that cold to you.

    10. You want to do cute outdoors activities but you just can't stand being outside for too long.

    11. Your hair always gets flattened by the beanie or earmuffs you need to wear.

    12. Your lips fall victim to the cold weather too, and you end up having to pile on the lipbalm.

    13. And your skin feels dry because you're always switching between being out in the cold and being at home with the heating turned up.

    14. You're always arguing with someone about when to turn the heating on.

    15. Because you need it on all the time, and just "putting on a jumper" won't do.

    16. Trying to find cosy clothes that have no cut outs and aren't cropped is a real struggle.

    17. Drying your hair takes twice as long as the average person, because you can't bring yourself to move away from the inviting heat of the hairdryer.

    18. Every takeaway coffee has to be ordered extra hot or you'll just not feel the benefits of it.

    19. And really, no matter how much try you just never feel warm enough.

    [Boiling in a pot] Boy lobster: AAAAGGGGHHH!! Girl lobster: I'm cold