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    32 Products You Deserve To Treat Yourself To After Getting Through 2020

    From sweet treats to skincare.

    1. Stay on top of your 2021 goals with this gorgeous planner! It's got everything from weekly layouts to dedicated pages for big projects and tracking spending.

    2. The sheet masks in this pack all feature different skin-loving ingredients – from nourishing shea butter to refreshing green tea!

    3. This 'rainbow cookie' Yankee Candle smells every bit as sweet as it sounds.

    4. Make your bed approximately 300% cosier by switching your current sheets for this teddy fleece duvet cover set!

    5. You can pop this fluffy leopard print Microhottie in the microwave for a few minutes and it'll keep you warm for hours.

    6. Rub these Tisserand essential oil rollerballs onto your pulse points and their relaxing scents will get you in the mood to snooze.

    7. For a tasty treat that's less than £3(!), you can't go far wrong with this milk chocolate Tony Chocolonely bar that's flavoured with caramel and sea salt.

    8. This soothing Deep Sleep bath soak by This Works will get your mind and body relaxed and ready for bed.

    9. These LED light leaf garlands would look pretty good draped over your mirror, IMO.

    10. These dog-themed socks are pawsitively adorable.

    11. Make your fizz that extra bit special by adding some of these unicorn sparkle drops! They'll add some magical-looking shimmer as well as a tasty flavour.

    12. Treat yourself to a better night's sleep in 2021 with this highly-rated pillow filled with shredded memory foam. You can adjust the amount of filling inside depending on your preferences!

    13. You'll be able to drift off to your fave podcast (without your headphones painfully digging in) thanks to this Bluetooth headband! You can also pull it over your yes to use as a sleep mask.

    14. The colour of this fast-drying nail polish from Rimmel will make you feel like a mermaid whenever you wear it.

    15. These satin pillowcases will be kinder to your hair and skin than cotton ones, so you won't spend 2021 waking up with as much frizz or those pesky sleep creases.

    16. Yes this adorable silicone bunny is technically a nightlight for kids, but it'd also make a pretty cute reading light for adults .

    17. I'm struggling to think of a reason not to buy this seriously cute seal cushion.

    18. This unbearably sweet glass is insulated, so you can enjoy cold drinks as well as hot cuppas from it.

    19. This trio of green tea teabags feature tasty and fruity flavours such as peach and raspberry and strawberry and pink pepper! They're made with whole loose leaf tea inside the bag, so they wont be powdery like some flavoured teas are.

    20. If you love the aesthetic of plants but struggle to look after them, may I suggest these adorable tealights designed to look like succulents?

    21. You can enjoy Spanish hot chocolate at home – as well as the churros to dip them in – thanks to this easy-to-use kit.

    22. This willow pattern mug is 1) gorgeous and 2) speaks the truth.

    23. This sherpa fleece hoodie is basically like a blanket you can wear, and features a generously-sized pocket in the middle so you can keep your essentials (i.e. snacks) to hand.

    24. Unwind after a long day by filling in the intricate designs of this Alice in Wonderland-themed colouring book.

    25. A standard tub of Celebrations? Tired. A 2.4kg(!) box of them? Utterly inspired.

    26. This corgi planter is the cutest way to display your favourite succulent.

    27. Throw these sachets into the fireplace and they'll turn the flames into a multicoloured ~show~.

    28. Recreate all your fave Wagamama dishes at home with their latest cookbook Feed Your Soul. It includes recipes for their famous chicken katsu as well as chicken and prawn pad thai!

    29. This award-winning kit will let you make a tasty sticky toffee cake at home that you can enjoy hot or cold.

    30. The Mindfulness Puzzle Book is the perfect screen-free way to spend an evening for those times where your eyes (and mind) need a break from social media.

    31. This 20-piece set of hair clips will make you look fancy with minimal effort.

    32. And last but not least, there's a reason this Satisfyer Pro 2 toy has a 4.3-star average rating from over 31,000 reviews.