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    31 Products To Buy In 2021 That You'll Actually Use All The Time

    Nothing here will be gathering dust in the cupboard!

    1. Get your nails in tip-top shape with this highly effective Nail Nurse from Rimmel. This double-duty product protects and strengthens your nails, helping to prevent splitting, peeling and breakage.

    2. This shampoo brush has soft silicone bristles that'll really work the product into your scalp, leaving your hair feeling thoroughly clean. Customers say it's helped with dandruff too!

    3. If your AirPods have a tendency to fall out of your ears, these silicone grips will ensure they stay in place.

    4. This chic silk sleeping mask is a bestseller for a reason! As well as blocking out light, it'll help to retain moisture on the skin around your eyes as it's less absorbent than cotton.

    5. Next time you get a spot, use one of these Dots for Spots patches and it'll absorb the gunk from it overnight! You can also wear them during the day, and they provide some coverage for the pimple so you won't feel self conscious with it on.

    6. Save some space in your kitchen with this clip-on colander! It's got two sturdy clips to secure it in place and it works on pots of different sizes.

    7. This highly-rated fitness mat will see you through all your home workouts – from yoga to circuit training. It's also thick enough to ensure your back doesn't get sore if you're exercising on wooden flooring.

    8. You can use each of these Minky antibacterial cleaning pads for a different room in your house! They feature a scrubbing side that tackles dirt without scratching your surfaces, and a soft microfibre side for jobs like wiping down countertops.

    9. You'll be able to keep your sofa free of pet hair with this reusable roller. It's quicker and less wasteful than traditional lint rollers, and it'll pick up even the smallest of hairs.

    10. We're all used to washing our hands a lot more now, but that also means they're probably drier than they've ever been. Thankfully, this O'Keeffe's hand cream will keep them nourished all 2021! It contains allantoin, which draws moisture into the skin and holds moisture that's already there.

    11. This Bluetooth shower speaker means you can enjoy your favourite playlist or podcast while you wash your hair without it getting drowned out by the sound of the water.

    12. Properly sharpened knives are 1) safer to use than blunt ones and 2) will make prepping food so much easier. This sharpener has tens of thousands of positive ratings, and can even be used on serrated knives.

    13. Spritz some of this cult-status This Works Deep Sleep pillow spray onto your pillow before bed and allow its relaxing scents to help you drift off. It's designed to help you fall asleep faster, sleep more deeply, and wake up feeling more refreshed.

    14. These inexpensive little razors will see you through threading and waxing sessions, and can be used to exfoliate away dead skin too!

    15. If it looks like you're WFH for the long haul, your back will thank you for investing in this memory foam seat cushion that'll make your dining chair way more comfortable to work from.

    16. Get your face mask to fit perfectly (and help to stop any discomfort on your ears) with these silicone extenders!

    17. Once you use these silicone baking mats, you probably won't go back to foil and baking paper! They're heat-resistant up to 248°C, easy to clean, and can be used on everything from salmon to oven chips and cookies.

    18. Sprinkle some of this Bin Buddy powder into your bin and it'll absorb any gross juice, helping to prevent leaks. You can use it on your indoor and outdoor bins.

    19. You'll never have to spend 20 minutes trying to salvage wonky eyeliner again thanks to these genius stamp pens. They feature perfectly-shaped wings that you can press onto the outer corners of your eyes for a flawless cat-eye every time.

    20. The iconic Pink Stuff cleaning paste will cover pretty much all of your household cleaning jobs. It grinds away at tough stains while remaining gentle on your surfaces, and works just as well as on your saucepans as it does on your ceramic bathroom tiles.

    21. This Real Techniques cleansing palette contains a variety of grooves and textures to help thoroughly remove residue off your makeup brushes when you clean them.

    22. This TubShroom will catch fallen hairs before they fall into your drain and clog it, so you can spend less of 2021 pouring unblocker down your shower.

    23. These Epsom bath salts from Dr Teal's are infused with lavender essential oils, so they'll soothe muscle aches and get you ready to sleep.

    24. Keep your car tidy with this nifty bin that can go over a headrest or between the rear seats.

    25. Use these stretchy silicone food huggers on onion and lemon halves to keep them fresh until you next need them! They also work on small round containers that don't have a lid.

    26. This simple yet effective dishwasher magnet will let everyone know the state of the contents inside – so you never end up using an unclean fork or rewashing things that are already clean!

    27. These plant-based compostable wipes will make quick work of removing mud from your dog's paws and body after a long walk. They're thick enough to withstand your dog's nails during paw cleaning and mild enough to use every day.

    28. These reusable microfibre cloths will remove your makeup using just water, so you'll never have an excuse to fall asleep with a full face still on.

    29. This OGX argan oil spray will add shine, protect your hair from heat damage, and cut down on blow drying time.

    30. Using this popular squeegee regularly will stop watermarks from forming on your shower screen and prevent the build-up of soap scum.

    31. This flameless lighter can be charged by USB and saves you from messing around with refills.