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    22 Products That Might Just Make Your Day-To-Day Life A Little Bit Easier

    Because really, who needs more stress?

    1. These convex blind spot mirrors will maximise your view for safer driving! They have a seriously sturdy weatherproof adhesive too, so you won't have to worry about them falling off.

    2. If someone in your house is always putting dirty cutlery in with the clean dishes, or you've ever opened the dishwasher and gotten a fright when you realise it's running, this adjustable magnet will come in handy.

    3. This wearable nail polish holder will make giving yourself an at-home manicure so much easier, and fits a variety of bottle shapes and sizes.

    4. Scraping off ice from your freezer is one of the worst household tasks – thankfully, these reusable liners help to prevent the buildup of frost!

    5. This Doktor Power Magic Eraser is the ultimate multipurpose cleaning tool – just add water to it and it'll polish your taps, remove burnt-on food from pans, and get rid of scuffs on doors among other things. The block is massive, so you can cut it into smaller sponges for different uses.

    6. These flexible mask extenders will help your mask fit comfortably and securely, as well as prevent the pain that can occur around your ears when wearing a mask for a long time.

    7. Preventing mould and mildew is less hassle than getting rid of it, and that's where these interior dehumidifiers come in. Put them in your garage, wardrobe, bathroom, or anywhere else that gets damp, and the crystals inside will absorb moisture from the air. Each tub lasts around 4-6 weeks!

    8. Slow cooking is great, but scrubbing burnt-on food residue from the pot afterwards? Not so much. These liners will keep the inside of your slow cooker clean and seal in the flavour of your dishes.

    9. Using one of these microfibre hair towels will seriously speed up the amount of time it takes for your hair to dry. As well as being super absorbent, they have a button fastening that ensures they stay securely in place.

    10. You can use this genius mini sealing machine to close up your bags of snacks and keep them fresh. It's also got a handy cutter so you can easily open packages!

    11. This SinkShroom will catch all those gross little bits of food that collect in your sink without stopping the flow of water.

    12. These chopping boards are flexible, making it way easier to transfer your food from the board and straight into the pot. The four boards are colour-coded for fruits, vegetables, meat, and fish, so you can avoid accidentally mixing flavours during food prep.

    13. This portable laptop table can be extended upwards or collapsed down depending on whether you want to type while standing or sitting. It's an absolute game-changer if you're working from home and struggle to find the perfect position for your laptop!

    14. You can hang this collapsible bin over the door of your kitchen cabinet and then slide any mess made while cooking straight into it!

    15. This useful holder doesn't just store your toothbrushes, it also automatically dispenses toothpaste! Plus, it means no more clutter around your sink.

    16. This USB-rechargeable flameless long lighter is wind and weather resistant, and provides over 500 ignitions from just the one charge.

    17. Rather than lifting a heavy washing up bowl and sloshing water everywhere as you try to empty it, use this Joseph Joseph one – it has a removable plug that will drain the water out and catch any stray food.

    18. These 'no bend' hair clips are designed to not leave any dents in your hair, making them perfect for when you need your fringe out of your face.

    19. This wooden measuring spoon also doubles up as a bag clip for your coffee, so you can keep your beans or granules fresh!

    20. These non-stick silicone cupcake liners will make it easy to remove your baked goods and can be used over and over again.

    21. This highly-rated beard shaping tool will help you to get symmetrical, precise lines.

    22. Reading one-handed just got a lot more comfortable thanks to this simple – yet genius – gadget. Put your thumb through the hole and it'll keep your pages open without making your hand cramp up.