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    17 Products To Help You Get The Most Out Of The Clothes You Already Own

    Work with what you've got!

    1. Rather than throwing out an otherwise perfect bra that's a little tight at the back, use these extenders that'll firmly attach to your bra's existing hooks and make it more comfortable to wear.

    2. If one of your belts is starting to get a bit loose, this 4.7-star rated leather hole punch will add a new notch to it.

    3. Constantly washing your clothes can reduce their lifespan, so next time something gets a lil' stain just use one of these Tide To Go stain remover pens on it.

    4. New buttons are an easy way to make something old look as if you've got a whole new piece of clothing! These ones come in a pack of ten and are available in silver and bronze as well.

    5. There's no need to get rid of your favourite (but bobbly) cardigan just yet. This fabric shaver will remove bobbles from clothing without damaging the fabric and has a large surface area so you can remove more fabric pills in less time.

    6. Putting delicates in the washing machine can be a real gamble as you never know for sure if they'll come out intact. Keep them safe from any wear and tear during washes by putting them in these mesh laundry bags.

    7. Protect your clothes from mould and mildew with these moisture absorbing bags that hang in your wardrobe. They can hold up to three times their weight in water!

    8. These cedar wood hanger rings will stop moths from making holes in your knitwear.

    9. Crep Protect will keep your trainers looking brand new thanks to its liquid-repelling formula, and it helps to prevent stains too!

    10. And keep them smelling good-as-new with these activated charcoal deodorising bags that naturally absorb and neutralise bad odours.

    11. This collared bib can be layered under jumpers and dresses for a low-effort way to change up a look.

    12. Use this iron-on hemming web to take up any jeans, skirts, or dresses. It creates a sturdy bond that will hold up well when clothes are washed at up to 40°C.

    13. Black jeans starting to fade a bit? Just put this Dylon dye in your washing machine with the item you want to dye, run a full cycle (and then another one with detergent), and you're done!

    14. It may feel quicker to trample on the heel of your shoe when putting them on, but this highly-rated shoe horn will help you slip them on comfortably without wearing out the back of your favourite pair.

    15. Brighten up a jacket or some jeans with this cute iron-on sunflower patch to bring a little bit of summer to drizzly days.

    16. Sometimes a belt is all you really need to reinvent the clothes in your wardrobe! This coin one is striking but will still go with tons of different items.

    17. Once you've invested in a pair of leather boots you naturally want to keep them looking their best! The Dr Martens Wonder Balsam softens leather, adds a protective layer to it, and gives a subtle shine too.