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    26 Products That You're Actually Likely To Use All The Time Once You Buy Them

    Nothing here will end up gathering dust.

    1. This reusable alternative to a cotton bud can be used to correct makeup mistakes and give your eyeliner a precise wing. Just wash it in a little soap and water after using it and it'll be good to go again!

    2. Reading, browsing, and watching Netflix on your tablet will be far more comfortable thanks to this specially designed cushion.

    3. These stretchy towel headbands will keep your hair out of your face when you're applying makeup or doing your skincare routine. You'll get four in a pack, so can always have one to hand even when some are in the wash.

    4. Your hair will feel way cleaner than usual once you start using this silicone shampoo brush. It really works the product into your scalp, and lifts away any dead skin and buildup in the process too!

    5. These Scrub Daddy sponges have a massive 4.8-star average rating from over 13,000 reviews, so you know they're good! They have a FlexTexture foam that changes with temperature – run it under warm water to make it soft for light cleaning, and cold water to make it tough enough to tackle stubborn stains.

    6. If your lips feel seriously chapped and you're sick of constantly having to top up your lip balm, consider this 4.5-star rated mask – it forms a protective film over your pout to lock in moisture and leave lips feeling nourished.

    7. You can make pretty much any food taste amazing with this all purpose Magic Dust BBQ seasoning. Put in on chicken, steaks, potato wedges, or even in your chili con carne to make midweek meals a little more exciting.

    8. This laptop stand has a cushion at its base, making it a lightweight alternative to a lap desk if you're on the sofa, and a way to keep your device at eye level if you're at a desk.

    9. You'll be seriously disgusted (but equally impressed) by how much dead skin these exfoliating cloths can remove. Simply soak in the tub for a little while before buffing one over your body – the skin and dirt will quite literally roll off.

    10. With this handy little tool you can retrieve your teabag from your mug, squeeze out any extra tea, and then release it into the bin without it dripping on your floors or counters.

    11. You won't have to keep pushing your glasses back up thanks to these anti-slip ear hook grips that'll ensure your specs stay where they're supposed to.

    12. You'll probably feel more motivated to stay hydrated once this fruit infuser water bottle is in your life. The large infusion basket inside can fit tons of fruit so your drink is full of flavour, and it comes with a free eBook of recipes if you want to get creative.

    13. Getting perfect grains every time will be easy with this microwave rice cooker. It has enough capacity to make around four portions, and a pressure chamber to ensure the rice stays moist.

    14. This rubber broom is more efficient and easier to clean than a traditional bristle broom. It can remove pet hair from carpets as well as clean hard floors, and when it gets dirty you can just rinse it under running water. It comes with a dustpan that fits together with it, making it easy to store too!

    15. If you're WFH, treat your back to this memory foam lumbar cushion that'll turn your dining chair into something with a bit more support.

    16. These adorable duck tongs are absolutely quacking and will save you from scalding your fingers when trying to retrieve your bread or crumpets from the toaster.

    17. These mask extenders help to relieve the tension and ear pain that some people experience when wearing a face covering for a long time.

    18. If your main lockdown hobby has been online shopping, you'll appreciate these little parcel openers. They feature a hole so you can attach them to a keychain, and the blade is retractable which makes them easy and safe to stow away.

    19. This self-inking rolling stamp will protect your private details and is less hassle than shredding documents that have your personal information on them.

    20. This L'Oréal Dream Lengths leave-in conditioner is perfect if your hair has gotten pretty long during lockdown. It reduces the appearance of breakage and split ends, adds shine, and offers heat protection up to 180°C.

    21. This soap dispensing brush easily fits into the palm of your hand and has bristles tough enough to remove grease and grime with ease. Whenever you need more soap, just press down the button in the middle and it'll dispense more!

    22. Enjoy cleaner and more radiant skin with this award-winning Vitamin C cleansing oil. Its lightweight formula gently dissolves makeup, and customers love how soft it makes their skin feel!

    23. The CarPET pet hair remover brush lifts, gathers, and removes all that deeply embedded pet hair from your carpets and soft furnishings in a few easy swipes.

    24. Save yourself from having to faff about with refills by nabbing this flameless electric lighter that can be charged by USB. The long, flexible neck means you can easily reach the wick of candles that are almost finished.

    25. Make food prep less messy with these hanging bins that go underneath your counters. They have a generous eight-litre capacity and can be collapsed down for easy storage when not in use.

    26. Sort out your video call lighting situation with this ring light that can be clipped onto your laptop! It offers white, warm, and natural light colour modes, and is perfect if the room you work from tends to look a bit dark or washed out on screen.