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    22 Products That Might Just Make Life A Little Bit Prettier

    From pastel highlighters to cherry blossom fairy lights!

    1. These face coverings are made from 100% Mulberry silk, so alongside looking great they'll feel soft against your skin.

    2. I love the lilac shade of this quick-drying nail polish. Its gorgeous hue will stay put for up to ten days!

    3. Apply this patterned self-adhesive film to any windows that need some extra privacy and it'll cast rainbow-hued patterns around your room when the sun hits it!

    4. These splurge-worthy cake plates will make your afternoon cuppa and biscuits feel 300% fancier than usual.

    5. For a fun and floral twist on fairy lights, you can't go far wrong with these pink cherry blossom ones.

    6. These acrylic resin clips will add the perfect finishing touch to any hairdo.

    7. This seersucker duvet cover set will make you even more excited to get into bed at the end of a long day.

    8. Not only does this mug speak the truth, but it has a timeless willow floral design too.

    9. These heart-shaped leather corner bookmarks will only get better with age. There's four in the pack so it's perfect if you tend to have multiple books on the go.

    10. These pastel highlighters are simply far more superior to regular ones, IMO.

    11. Speaking of stationery, how about this daily planner pad that'll help you organise your day in the most aesthetically pleasing way possible?

    12. This versatile gold-toned rack is a gorgeous way to display some of your favourite books.

    13. If you spend all day on the laptop, make the experience a little more visually appealing by nabbing this pastel keyboard skin that's suitable for 12" and 13" MacBook Pro laptops.

    14. Most of us try to hide unsightly cables, but this extension lead is so pretty you'll want to have it out.

    15. These silicone AirPod case covers are ridiculously cheap at just over a quid each.

    16. This little essential oil diffuser has seven LED light settings to choose from, so you can match it to your decor or mood.

    17. This wall-mounted key hook will make an adorable addition to your hallway.

    18. This Himalayan salt tealight holder will give your space a warm and cosy glow.

    19. Practical products don't have to be an eyesore, as this jute and cotton storage basket proves. You can use it for everything from laundry to toys.

    20. If your shower curtain has seen better days, may I suggest this striking leaf-print one as a replacement?

    21. Say no to plastic bags at the till by bringing along these reusable 100% cotton mesh ones instead.

    22. The tops of these coasters are ceramic, so they'll feel really sturdy and look good on your coffee table.