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    26 Products That Might Make You Feel Like You've Got Your Life Together

    From clever beauty tools to organisers for that hard-to-store kitchenware.

    1. These genius sheets will keep baked goods fresher for longer so that you don't have to throw out muffins, cookies, bread, or bagels prematurely. Each sheet is biodegradable, recyclable, and compostable!

    2. And if you're constantly chucking out fruit and veg that's gone off, may I suggest these specially-designed Sistema containers? They ensure your fresh produce stays that way thanks to its FreshVent filter. It means you'll waste less food and actually get around to eating those bell peppers you bought.

    3. You'll be able to fix makeup mistakes easily with this reusable, double-ended swab that includes a pointed tip for jobs like tidying up your eyeliner wings.

    4. This silicone wrist strap has a magnet to store your hair pins on – just put it on your dressing table or in your makeup bag to ensure your next packet of clips doesn't dwindle from 50 to five in a matter of days.

    5. These in-cupboard holders mean that you'll no longer hear the crash of your pots and pans falling whenever you try to retrieve that one lid. They come with a strong tape that makes them really easy to install!

    6. Be the kind of person who always has matching socks thanks to this SockDock laundry tool. Attach your socks to it before washing them and it'll ensure none ~mysteriously~ go missing during the cycle.

    7. Give the illusion of being someone who knows how to give themselves a salon-worthy blowdry thanks to this BaByliss Big Hair styler – it's way easier than faffing around with a hairdryer and round brush.

    8. While you might not be able to do much about having to look at a screen all day for work, you can help to prevent the eyestrain and headaches that causes by nabbing these blue light-blocking glasses. They're handy for use before bed too, as the light from your phone can sometimes affect your quality of sleep.

    9. If you struggle to commit to a full skincare routine, this Paula's Choice liquid exfoliant will be a small, low-effort addition that makes a big difference. Just put some on a cotton pad and swipe it across your face to unclog pores and remove dead skin!

    10. Prevent a cracked phone screen by using this insanely highly-rated screen protector. The tempered glass it's made from is super-clear, scratch-proof and resistant to oil and sweat smudges from fingerprints.

    11. If you always forget to bring a resusable bag to the shops, this six-pack of foldable ones will come in handy. They even have a keyring attachment so you'll always have one to hand!

    12. This 4.6-star rated spray will make the job of being a good plant parent so much easier. It repels pests, conditions the leaves, and enhances your plant's growth! The spray works on pretty much all common houseplants such as ficus, palms, and cacti among others.

    13. Say goodbye to having chipped nails mere days after your at-home manicure thanks to this Seche Vite topcoat! It gets right down to the base of your nail, 'sealing in' the polish so that it looks fresh for weeks.

    14. Instead of holding onto unnecessary documents because "you'll shred them later", just use this identity theft-protection stamp. It'll cover your important details so you can whack those papers or bits of parcel packaging straight into the recycling bin.

    15. Get rid of any tea, coffee, or wine stains from your teeth with this inexpensive powder. Just put some onto a wet toothbrush and then brush as normal – its natural abrasives will quickly get to work on lifting away discolouration!

    16. If you've ever gone to use your fave scented candle and realised your lighter is all out of butane, you'll probably appreciate this flameless USB-chargeable one.

    17. You can finally give those stray container lids a home with this three-compartment organiser. Customers are seriously impressed by how sturdy it is!

    18. This drawstring makeup bag is perfect if your room tends to be a bit of a mess after you get ready. It can be pulled out flat to display all your cosmetics, and with a pull of the drawstring will close up so you can stow it away!

    19. These reusable freezer bags are an economical and eco-friendly way to store your leftovers. Their airtight seal will keep the contents fresh and they're also leakproof, so you can store a wide variety of foods in them with no trouble.

    20. If you've got strappy tops or any other items that simply won't stay on their hanger, it's worth giving this non-slip wardrobe organiser a go! You can stack up to eight items on the one hanger, and the upward-curve design means clothes will stay in place rather than fall onto the wardrobe floor.

    21. Nothing says "why yes, I am very organised" like a good planner, and this one has a pretty impressive 4.8-star rating! It includes monthly and weekly layouts so you can stay on top of your schedule.

    22. These self-adhesive under-the-table drawers will keep your desk neat and tidy while ensuring you've always got your essentials to hand.

    23. Prevent your soaps from going slimy and ending up in the bin by using this clever lil' soap saver. It'll elevate your bar of soap away from moisture and helps to stop any gross slimy pools from forming.

    24. Add some stylish decor and storage to your home with this stunning stool. Just lift off the top for a place to keep clutter out of the way.

    25. Vitamin D is known as the "sunshine vitamin", so it's little surprise that a lot of us don't get enough of it in the UK. These high-strength soft-gel tablets will ensure you get a daily dose of it, and just one tub will last you a whole year.

    26. Changing the duvet cover by yourself will no longer be a Herculean task once you've got these quilt clips. Just attach them to the top corners, give the duvet and covers a shake, and you'll be pretty much done! They're ideal for king-sized duvets where the tried-and-tested 'inside out' method can prove tricky.