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    23 Products That'll Give You Something To Do If You're Trying To Cut Down On Screen Time

    Because doomscrolling (unsurprisingly) gets tiring sometimes.

    1. Take some time to finally tackle your underwear drawer and organise it neatly with these drawer inserts! You can finally be the kind of person who can easily find a pair of matching socks.

    2. If you like the idea of losing yourself in a book instead of scrolling but find your attention has been shot to ribbons as of late, I highly recommend This Time Next Year. The rom-com is funny, warm, easy to breeze through and the perfect mood-lifter for dreary winter days.

    3. You don't have to be a brilliant baker to use this award-winning sticky toffee cake kit. It contains pre-measured ingredients (and a tin to bake them in) so you can make a tasty sweet treat no matter your skill level.

    4. Put your favourite playlist on and take some time to finally clean those parts of the house you've been putting off with this highly-rated degreaser spray that'll get your kitchen extractor fan looking new again.

    5. Spend an afternoon making your home gleam by going over surfaces with these genius Magic Erasers. Just add some water and they'll get rid of the hard-to-budge dirt in your home.

    6. Let your inner artist shine with these watercolour brush pens that are less fiddly than paints if you're a beginner.

    7. Give your brain a workout by trying to solve this challenging wooden puzzle cube.

    8. Get your family involved and bring out this Monopoly Deal card game next time you're sat scrolling together on the sofa. It's far quicker to play than the regular board game but just as fun.

    9. This mindfulness puzzle book will keep you occupied and relaxed. The puzzles are achievable enough for you to not give up after a few minutes, but challenging enough to provide some distraction from day-to-day life.

    10. This 1,000-piece puzzle will display a wholesome, aesthetically-pleasing cottage scene once you've completed it.

    11. If your spice cupboard is full of expired herbs and doubles of things you forgot you had, spend some time organising them with this expandable rack that'll fit in your kitchen drawer. It'll help you declutter, take up a fair bit of time, and make finding what you need way easier in the future.

    12. Treat yourself to a massage with this handheld rollerball that's small enough to really get into any knots giving you grief.

    13. Drop one of these rainbow tea macarons bath bombs into your tub, put on a podcast, and ~relax~. They smell as sweet as they look, with notes of raspberry and vanilla among others.

    14. If your eyes feel fried from looking at screens all day, give them some much-needed respite with this soothing mask. Chill it in the freezer beforehand for a cooling effect, or microwave it for ten seconds to provide heat relief.

    15. Give your skin a thorough exfoliating session with this gentle yet effective brush. It helps to prevent pesky ingrown hairs and razor bumps!

    16. Work out with one of the most versatile pieces of equipment around – the kettlebell. These aesthetically pleasing ones come in a variety of weights depending on your fitness levels, and there's loads you can do with it to get a total body workout that challenges your strength, endurance, and balance.

    17. Next time you've got a spare ten minutes ago, grab this foam roller and work out any tight spots in your muscles. It'll aid workout recovery and help you prevent injury in the future too.

    18. Give your room a low-effort makeover by hanging up these fairy lights that you can attach pictures to! It's also a great opportunity to go through photo albums and pick out your faves to display.

    19. Do a bit of DIY by transforming your furniture with this sticky-back contact paper. You can apply it to a bedside table or chest of drawers, or even to a canvas if you want a bit of wall art!

    20. Why not make an elaborate dish that's not currently in your repertoire? This Wagamama Feed Your Soul cookbook is full of familiar recipes from their restaurant that you might not have thought to attempt at home.

    21. Journalling can be a great way to decompress after a long day, reflect on how you're feeling, or help you focus on your goals. This 'Calm & Mindful' notebook covers a 12-week period with prompts and trackers to help you live in the present and prioritise the things that matter most to you.

    22. Get crafting with this needle felting kit that'll teach you how to make four adorable dogs – you can then give them as gifts or let them adorn your shelves as cute lil' mascots.

    23. This punch needle kit is 1) seriously addictive once you start doing it and 2) totally beginner friendly so you don't need to be a crafting expert to achieve the end result!