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21 Pranks That Are So Damn Good You Can't Help But Laugh

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1. This unsettling tribute.

Roommate has date coming by later and asked me to clean bc he's not home. So I made a Princess D shrine in his room

2. This Christmas gift that took a turn.

3. This terrifying prank.

4. This punny prank.

5. This prank that's pretty smart.

6. And this one that went unnoticed.

My brother's changed his photo on the staircase to Kim Jong-un and my mum still hasn't noticed after 2 weeks

7. This senior prank that's peak 2017.

We made our principal into a meme and hung it in the cafeteria.

8. And this one that took the "go big or go home" approach.

9. This autocorrect prank every Star Wars fan will appreciate.

10. This one that utilised Snapchat in the best possible way.

11. This prank that proves mums can be savage AF.

12. This prank that shows why your wireless printer should have a password.

13. This literal work-of-art prank.

14. This Starbucks trick that would probably be pretty easy to fall for.

i get most of my entertainment by putting different colored gatorade in starbucks cups and telling people it's a fr…

15. This cruel trick-or-treat prank.

It'll soon be Halloween so time to prepare some yummy treats for the neighbourhood kids. Try dipping Brussels sprou…

16. This creative prank.

I've been recreating family pictures with my dog and slowly replacing them around the house to see if my mom would…

17. This prank that made use of one of 2016's biggest trends.

18. This one that took next-level Photoshop skills.

19. This prank that's simple but so, so fucking scary.

One time my sister scared the shit out of my parents by walking down the stairs like this

20. This prank that takes unbelievable levels of dedication.

21. And this prank that's genius, wholesome, and hilarious all in one .