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19 Things You'll Understand If You're An Honorary Member Of Your BFF's Family

You're invited to every single family event, without question.

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4. You could hang out with them without your friend there, and it wouldn't be weird.

I'm at a friends house and Cody is at my house hanging out with my parents


7. You probably get presents and cards from them on your birthday, and vice versa.

When ur best friend's family sends u a bday card and makes sure to include that ur fav dog says hello 🐶

8. Your friend's parents have referred to you as their son or daughter.

Always get along well with my friends mums 👪🙋 #somanysecondmums


9. And they know what food you like when you come round for dinner.

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14. Whenever they've dropped this line, it's felt great.

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It's almost as good as being told you're their favourite friend.

15. And they celebrate your achievements as if you're their own child.

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16. You're even on a first-name basis with fairly distant extended family.


While your friend's other friends might just know the parents, you're chatting to their second cousin about the trip they took to Thailand.


17. But you still have to remember to keep up with all the lies your friend has told their parents over the years.


"Hey, remember that time we..." *remembers your friend's parents are in the room* "...studied really hard at the library and then went home and nothing happened. The end."