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    43 Practical Gifts That They'll Actually Use All The Time

    Gifts that aren't going to end up gathering dust.

    1. The Pill-O-Pad will let them read or use their tablet without spending ages trying to find a comfortable position.

    2. Treat your favourite home cook to this set of aesthetically-pleasing knives that'll cover all their food prep needs.

    3. This reversible magnet will remind them whether their pet has already been fed – a deceptively simple gift that'll actually come in really handy!

    4. They can make video calls on Whatsapp and Messenger, watch the news, listen to music, and more with the Alexa-compatible Facebook Portal Mini.

    5. If you know someone who got really into running this year, this gilet will keep them warm (but not overheated) on winter runs.

    6. And this running belt will snugly fit around their body without repeatedly hitting against their hip like some running belts can. There's no clasps either, which means no risk of it becoming lose or undone during exercise!

    7. They can pop this electric blanket over their mattress and it'll get their bed nice and toasty in no time! The cord is detachable which makes it easy for them to wash too.

    8. This water flosser will deeply clean the gaps between their teeth where a toothbrush can struggle to reach. Plus, it's surprisingly fun to use so they might actually find themselves wanting to floss.

    9. Nobody can have too many pyjama sets – especially when they're as pretty as this one!

    10. Upgrade their WFH setup with this memory foam seat cushion that'll make working from a kitchen table more comfortable.

    11. This Ember mug is specially designed to keep their hot drinks at the perfect temperature for over an hour, or all day if they use the accompanying coaster. It's perfect for anyone who is constantly making cuppas and then forgetting about them.

    12. This cast iron pan comes pre-seasoned (equivalent to around 10-15 rounds of seasoning it at home), so they can start using it straight away!

    13. If their eyes are tired and dry from looking at screens all day, this microwavable compress will come in handy.

    14. This 'No Hands' tool can be used to open doors and use handles without having to actually touch them. It's made from naturally microbial copper and can be attached to their keys to take on the go!

    15. This microwavable heat bag is less faff and more flexible than a hot water bottle!

    16. The Fire Stick 4K will let them access all their favourite streaming services from their TV!

    17. They can use this Grip Strip to attach their phone to their dashboard when driving – there's no glue or magnets involved and it's resistant to high temperatures, water, and sunlight!

    18. They can use this versatile three-in-one appliance as a griddle, a toastie maker, and a waffle maker thanks to its three detachable plates.

    19. Home bakers will seriously appreciate this space-saving tiered cooling rack. It's ideal for when they make layer cakes or big batches of cookies (that they might share with you to say thanks).

    20. They can keep their WFH space tidy with this cute and useful mini hoover.

    21. These slipper socks have non-slip pads at the bottom and a cosy lining that means they'll never want to take them off.

    22. They can use this multi-tool pen as a screwdriver and spirit level among other things!

    23. This little tool makes a perfect present for cyclists – it'll get the chain back on their bike within seconds.

    24. This book light goes around their neck so they're not having to constantly clip and unclip it when reading.

    25. They can drift off to their fave podcast without their headphones digging in thanks to this genius Bluetooth smart pillow. It's compatible with Spotify, BBC iPlayer, and so much more.

    26. If they're a little obsessed with candles, this flameless lighter will be a gift they'll use pretty much every day! It's USB-rechargeable and there's about 500 ignitions in a full charge.

    27. This genius chopping board has pull-out weighing scales and a slot for their phone or tablet so they can easily read their recipe while cooking.

    28. None of us clean our phones as often as we should, but this nifty gadget will sanitise their mobile and act as a wireless charger at the same time.

    29. This Salter air fryer will let them make chips that are crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside without the hassle and mess of a deep fryer.

    30. Anyone working from home while living with other people will be seriously glad to receive these wireless Bluetooth noise-cancelling headphones.

    31. This silk sleep mask has over 25,000 reviews and a 4.6-star average rating! Its large surface area will block out any pesky peripheral light preventing them from sleeping, and its soft material won't tug or crease their eyelashes.

    32. This Joseph Joseph tri-scale easily folds away, so it's ideal for home cooks who are short on kitchen space.

    33. Gift the cyclist in your life this waterproof bike pouch that'll hold all their essentials! It can easily be attached to their frame and has a touchscreen-friendly section especially for their smartphone.

    34. These personalised leather plug patches will solve any squabbles about whose charger is being used.

    35. With this egg cooker, they can make omelettes as well as perfectly boiled, poached, or scrambled eggs! It even has a setting so they can select how hard or soft they want their boiled eggs.

    36. Once they have this Instant Pot in their life they'll probably wonder how they managed without it! It's a rice cooker, pressure cooker, slow cooker, and more.

    37. This spacious and sustainable jute shopper can be personalised with their name and has plenty of room for their weekly shop.

    38. This sleek leak-proof travel mug has a 360°-degree design that means they can drink from any part of the cup's lid! It'll keep their hot drinks hot for hours (I have it myself and van vouch for this), so it's perfect for long winter walks.

    39. This stylish little clip attaches to their notebook, so they won't risk losing their favourite pen!

    40. Working from home will be much more comfortable with this lap desk – it's got a mouse pad, space for their phone, and a cushioned panel for wrist support! It's super lightweight and portable too so they can use it all around the house.

    41. This pretty yet practical marble-look organiser is ideal for storing their makeup and skincare.

    42. This little Gimble tool makes reading one-handed so much easier (and prevents that annoying hand cramp!).

    43. This beanie features an LED light that will keep them visible on their evening runs or walks.