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    18 Posts To Read If You Want To Get Better At Makeup

    Prepare for your makeup to look even more flawless.

    Getting your makeup exactly how you want it can be pretty stressful. So we've rounded up some of BuzzFeed's best makeup posts, with tips coming from a range of people including professionals and BuzzFeed Community users. Whatever it is that you want to get better at, there's almost definitely something for you!

    1. For when you're feeling lazy:

    If you want to cut down your time getting ready in the morning but still achieve your usual makeup look, 18 Insanely Useful Makeup Tips Every Lazy Girl Should Know About has tips to help.

    Example tip: "Get a foundation stick or stick concealer. Instead of putting foundation all over your face, just apply on your trouble areas (T-zone, under eyes, chin...) and blend out with your fingers. Takes a minute."

    2. For when you want to master eye makeup:

    Eye makeup can be an absolute minefield, but 21 Eye Makeup Tips Beginners Secretly Want To Know has you covered if you want to get more into it.

    Example tip: If you want your eyes to look bigger, place your crease shadow a little higher than your natural crease.

    3. For when you need help makeup shopping:

    Lauren Zaser / Alice Mongkongllite

    The first step to getting your makeup right is picking out stuff that works for you, and 17 Charts That'll Make Buying Makeup So Much Easier is a great starting point for working out what you really want from your makeup.

    Example tip: Figure out what kind of coverage you want, and pick something that works for your needs.

    4. For when you need some YouTube tutorial inspiration:

    If you fancy a change from your regular lineup of beauty vloggers, try 18 Beauty Vloggers That Will Vastly Improve Your Makeup Game.

    Example YouTuber: JoyNavon, who does beauty reviews and tutorials as well as how-tos on natural hair and protective styles.

    5. For anyone with monolids:

    Makeup tutorials and advice doesn't always factor in how those looks work with eyes that aren't double-lidded, so 34 Monolid Makeup Tips You Probably Haven't Tried Yet is perfect for anyone with monolids struggling to find relevant tips.

    Example tip: Make little marks for where your eyeliner would show with your eyes open.

    6. Or if you've got hooded eyes:

    Not all makeup tips apply to people with hooded lids, so 13 Makeup Tips Every Person With Hooded Eyes Needs To Know is ideal for helping you perfect a cat eye amongst other eye makeup looks.

    Example tip: If you want to try something bright AF, be sure to bring the shadow up past the hood to maximise the colour.

    7. For absolute beginners, or anyone looking to ~brush up~ on their skills:

    8. For when you want to look good on a budget:

    You can get high-end looking results without using high-end products, and

    42 Cheap Products Makeup Addicts Swear By has a run-down of all the best products to look ~flawless~ on the cheap.

    Example product: MAKEUP REVOLUTION Iconic 1 Redemption Eyeshadow Palette.

    9. For when you want to wear makeup in summer without it sliding off:

    Hot weather and makeup don't always work well together, but 21 Easy Makeup Tips For When It's Hot As Balls Outside will help you stop your makeup from being ruined by mid-afternoon.

    Example tip: If you use liquid foundation, apply it in criss-cross strokes to keep it from looking streaky when you sweat.

    10. For when you want perfect brows:


    Seeing as brows frame your face, getting them right makes a big difference. 10 Tips For Beginners That'll Make Your Eyebrows Fleeker Than Fleek includes advice on everything from mapping out the right shape to what products to use.

    Example tip: Brow wax, which is much thicker than brow gel, will lock coarser hairs in place and help colour stay on longer.

    11. For when you're struggling with eyeliner:

    Eyeliner is tricky AF, and tbh everyone needs a hand with it sometimes. 18 Useful Tips For People Who Suck At Eyeliner is great if you frequently run late because your wings won't go right.

    Example tip: When applying liner, try not to pull the skin on the side of your face. If things get a little messy, clean up your line with a makeup remover–soaked cotton swab.

    12. For anyone who want's a professional's opinion:

    Taylor Miller / Alice Mongkongllite / BuzzFeed

    For tips from an MUA who has done makeup on the likes of Beyoncé and Kim Kardashian, A Pro Makeup Artist Gave Us A Bunch Of Really Good Tips We Can Actually Do shows makeovers on some of the ladies of BuzzFeed as well as advice on how to achieve the looks.

    Example tip: Don't hold your brushes like a "chubby pencil." Instead, hold them further up the handle for more fluidity and control when blending.

    13. For when you want flawless foundation:

    14. For anyone who uses a Beautyblender:

    Michelle Rennex / BuzzFeed

    Loads of people use Beautyblenders, so to help you get the most out of yours there's 14 Tips Everyone With A Beautyblender Needs To Know.

    Example tip: Dabbing the sponge into product as opposed to pumping product directly onto your Beautyblender allows for less waste, the ability to make sure you have the exact foundation colour, and more even coverage.

    15. For when you want to nail this whole "wearing lipstick" thing:

    If you want to confidently wear lipstick but don't know where to begin, 14 Lipstick Tricks For People Who Can't Make Sense Of Makeup is an ideal way to start; including advice on finding the perfect nude lipstick if you're a woman of colour, and how to line your lips to create the shape you want.

    Example tip: Draw an X across your top lip at the highest points (the Cupid's Bow) to trace your lips perfectly.

    16. For anyone who wears glasses:

    17. For when you just think "there's a shit-ton of stuff I want to know about makeup":

    Getty Images/iStockphoto LuminaStock

    For a big ol' list of makeup tips, there's 57 Life-Changing Makeup Tips Every Woman Should Know filled with useful advice from members of the BuzzFeed Community.

    Example tip: If you apply way too much makeup and don't want to remove everything with a makeup wipe, tone down makeup with pressed powder and a good powder blush. This trick is a great way to really control the colour.

    18. And finally, for when you want to get your new Instagram selfie just right:

    Keith Morrison / Alice Mongkongllite / Via BuzzFeed

    Makeup doesn't always translate properly in photos, but in Here's How To Do Your Makeup So It Looks Incredible In Pictures, BuzzFeed asked a senior artist at MAC Cosmetics for all the secrets to selfie-perfect makeup.

    Example tip: Use a natural-looking blush after your highlighter to add tone and dimension to the cheek. For photos, this blends the products together so they don’t sit on top of the skin.