18 Pieces Of Handwriting So Satisfying They'll Make Everything OK Again

    Prepare to feel ~relaxed~.

    1. This handwriting that's basically a work of art.

    2. This beautifully written card you'd want to keep forever.

    3. These notes that look like an actual font.

    4. These very aesthetically pleasing study notes.

    5. And these ones, which will make you question how a person can write so nicely.

    6. This blue print that will ~soothe~ you.

    7. This neat, uniform penmanship.

    8. This perfect cursive.

    9. And this lettering that's lovely to look at.

    10. This whiteboard that will make you see marker pens in a new light.

    11. This envy-inducing handwriting.

    12. These incredibly meticulous notes.

    13. This absolutely flawless page.

    14. This writing that's as colourful as it is tidy.

    15. These rows of letters that somehow manage to all look amazing.

    16. And this example of someone who has mastered every kind of style.

    17. This striking close-up.

    18. And this incredible alphabet that really ought to be framed.

    H/T: r/PenmanshipPorn!