17 Pictures Everyone Who’s Slightly Obsessed With Tea Will Understand

RIP to all the biscuits that fell into your cup of tea.

1. When you have to try to explain the exact shade you have your tea.

What’s so hard to understand about “a tanned, medium-beige, browny brown but not too dark”?

2. When you’re forced to abandon a tea after the bag splits and loose, mushy leaves hit your mouth whenever you sip.

3. When you risk it and get a tea from outside, only to regret it immediately.

4. Or when you trust a loved one to make you some, not realising that they’re a complete and utter amateur.

5. When you have to be polite and drink the complete and utter shitshow of a drink that they made you.

Everyone thinks they can make good tea, but actually only you know how to.

6. When against all odds your water somehow turns frothy.

7. When you live in a hard-water area and have to accept these scales as a part of life.

8. When you take a risk and dunk your biscuit for just a fraction too long.

9. And when you drown even more biscuits in your botched attempt at a rescue mission.

10. When your biscuit doesn’t even know how to fall into a mug properly.

It could be salvageable; you just don’t know how.

11. When your tea collection is so big it requires its own cupboard.

12. When you have a favourite mug that you would guard with your life.

That fulfils all your mug requirements: heat retention, design, and the ability to hold large volumes of tea.

13. And when you drop that mug, you’re convinced you will never experience joy again.

Yes, those same mugs are still sold a 10-minute drive away from you but it won’t be the same.

14. When you constantly lust after proper tea sets that you would literally never use.

15. When you see someone put the tea in after the milk, and it unsettles you to your very core.

16. When you experience the searing pain of spilling it on yourself, mixed with the embarrassment of it looking like you’ve had an ~accident~.

17. And when you pour in the milk that was only a day past its expiration date, and you realise you’ve made a terrible, terrible mistake.

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Jasmin Nahar is a junior staff writer at BuzzFeed UK and is based in London.
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