17 Pictures That Will Completely Change The Way You See Food

    I still can't believe pineapples don't grow on trees.

    1. These are cashew nuts in their original form! That kidney-bean-shaped bit is the cashew nut shell, and the yellow fruit above is a "cashew apple".

    2. Peanuts actually grow underground! They're technically legumes, not nuts, which is why they don't grow on trees.

    3. Asparagus grows straight up out of the ground.

    4. Courgettes look like this in their ~natural form~, and those yellow blooms are the plant's female flowers.

    5. Cucumbers grow by hanging from plants, as opposed to on the ground like you might have thought.

    6. Artichokes are basically big-ass flowers! The part we eat is the bud.

    7. Butternut squash actually grows on a vine.

    8. And Brussels sprouts grow on big ol' stalks like this.

    9. We're pretty used to just seeing grated nutmeg, but this is what it's like when it's growing on a tree.

    10. Kidney beans are fully formed in little pods.

    11. Quinoa initially looks like this! When those seeds are ready to be harvested, they are taken off and rinsed, because their natural coating can give the quinoa a bitter taste.

    12. Pineapples grow from a leafy plant on the ground rather than on a tree. In fact, depending on the climate you live in, you can grow one by planting a pineapple top in the ground.

    13. Lentils grow in pods, like the ones here.

    14. You probably figured dragonfruit grows on trees, but maybe didn't realise it grows on ones that look like this.

    15. The spice saffron comes from the red stigma of a saffron flower.

    16. Chickpeas are actually seeds that grow in the pods of a chickpea plant.

    17. And finally, this is black pepper. After the fruits of this vine are cooked and dried, they become black peppercorns!