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11 Pictures That Will Infuriate Every Stationery Addict, And Then 11 That Will Satisfy Them

Honestly, there's a lot of highs and lows in this.

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1. Look at this pencil that keeps breaking no matter how many times it's sharpened.

2. And now admire this perfectly pointy pencil.

3. This handwriting that has bled through the page is pretty irritating.

4. But this lovely handwriting is so pleasing to look at!

5. This pen that leaked in a way that looks downright disturbing.

6. So take a minute to appreciate this pen that's completely finished.

7. This snapped pencil is an utter mess.

8. But sometimes, even snapped pencils can be kind of satisfying to look at.

9. This tragedy, where a paper gets torn by the ring binder, is something you've probably experienced.

10. To make up for it, here's a stack of construction paper organised by colour.

11. The cover of this journal is all smudgy and ruined.

12. But this tracker page of a bullet journal will make you believe there's good in the world.

13. This smear of pen on this otherwise perfectly highlighter will probably piss you off a little bit.

14. Which is why this GIF of highlighters being tested is just the thing you need.

15. If you love stationery, the sight of this hugely inefficient pen holder is downright upsetting.

16. You know what's not upsetting? The way this pen fits perfectly into the hole in a piece of a paper.

17. Incorrectly hole punched paper is actually the worst.

18. And it's safe to agree this stack of paper in a hole punch is much better.

19. This pen is most definitely not the colour you'd think it was.

20. So just admire the dedication that went into this page completed with coloured fineliners.

21. These colouring pencils are all wrong.

22. To take your mind off it, relax and just enjoy this incredibly soothing GIF.

H/t r/midlyinfuriating and r/oddlysatisfying!