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17 Pictures That Prove Dogs Are Friends With Literally Everybody

They really don't discriminate.

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1. Dogs just seem to get along with everyone.

2. They're pretty chill about hanging out with fawns.

3. And want to spare their friends the embarrassment of having a bit of food on their face.

4. They'll protect their feathered BFFs.

5. They don't mind being used as a pillow.

6. Or sharing their bed.

7. They're elated when they make new friends.

8. And the quiet, unwavering companionship of close friends.

9. Some dogs are just really, really popular.

10. And it's obvious why: dogs don't discriminate based on species.

11. They don't care if you're smaller than them.

12. Or if you're bigger than them.

13. Dogs know that cats are not their enemies.

14. And neither are foxes.

15. They just want someone to enjoy the sun with.

16. And to sometimes do nothing with.

17. Tbh, it's no wonder other animals love them as much as humans do.