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    17 Pictures That Will Intensely Satisfy Anyone Obsessed With Makeup

    *Holds back tears* It's just all so...beautiful.

    1. This beautiful, freshly opened paint pot.

    2. And this untouched compact.

    3. The ombre of this bronzer.

    4. And the gradient of these lip colours beside each other.

    5. The way this rose gold makeup is so ~complementary~.

    6. The way these lipsticks perfectly match their casing.

    7. This eyeliner wing.

    8. These brows and that blending.

    9. This pristine, unused lipstick.

    10. This perfectly organised lipstick collection.

    11. And this makeup collection with not a thing out of place.

    12. The buttery smoothness of this palette.

    13. This perfect highlight.

    14. This iridescent lipstick.

    15. These impossibly fluffy, clean brushes.

    16. These pointy AF eyeliner pens.

    17. And this celestial, out-of-this-world eyeliner.