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    19 Pictures All Lush Addicts Will Instantly Understand

    Your fridge needs its own face mask section.

    1. When you get carried away picking up stuff in the store and your hands look like this.

    2. When payday is too far away but you really need a Lush fix.

    3. When you just got back from Lush and want to protect your precious purchases.

    4. When you drop your bath bomb and it's absolutely tragic.

    5. Although it falling in the toilet would be equally distressing.

    So my sister accidentally dropped her bath bomb in the toilet... @lushcosmetics

    6. When your camera roll is mostly pictures of your aesthetically pleasing baths.

    7. When your fridge has a dedicated section for face masks.

    8. When you have to remind your loved ones that just because it's in the fridge and looks edible, doesn't mean it is.

    9. Although you'll admit everything looks so damn delicious.

    10. When Lush starts slipping into your everyday conversations.

    11. When you pick up your "bath bomb" that isn't fizzing, only to realise you threw a bubble bar in the water.

    12. When you suspect that your love of Lush has changed you.

    13. When your bathroom cupboard looks like you bought half a Lush store.

    14. When you've become really familiar with the faces on the tubs.

    15. When all those packing peanuts in your Lush online orders make a mess. Every. Single. Time.

    16. When you bulk buy all the good seasonal stuff because you can't stand the idea of waiting months for it.

    17. When you try to cut a bath bomb for the first time and don't know what the hell you're meant to do.

    18. When people drastically underestimate how long you can spend smelling shampoo bars.

    19. And when this basically sums up what brought you to your Lush addiction in the first place.


    Lush uses starch-based packing peanuts that dissolve in water. A previous version of this article misidentified them as Styrofoam.