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19 Hilarious Picture Tweets About Parents That Will Make You Laugh Every Time

"Zane is leaving 1 dimension."

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1. This slight miscommunication.

2. This top that isn't so nice up close.

3. And this heartfelt apology.

4. This slightly embarrassing moment.

5. This bold statement.

6. This exam advice.

7. This photo re-creation.

8. This creative gift idea.

9. This really good pun.

10. And this dad joke.

11. This lovely message.

12. And this meaningful one.

13. This misread party memo.

14. This surprise.

15. This photo that's not quite right.

16. This birthday party.

17. This beautiful moment captured on video.

18. This argument for a cat's right to ice cream.

19. And this breaking news.