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18 People Whose Expectations Definitely Weren't Met

Sometimes things don't work out the way you expect.

1. This guy who ended up with an unexpected outfit.

Ayy @ASOS (I might be wrong) but, I’m pretty sure you’ve sent me the wrong order...

2. This woman whose new jacket was...a bit much.

Thank you @UrbanOutfitters it’s exactly like I imagined x

3. This dog owner who ended up with an unrecognisable dog.

4. And this one whose pet went from adorable to a little terrifying.

Groomer took my dog from loveable teddy bear to sewer rat on heroin

5. This well meaning step-mum who wanted to do something nice for her husband.

Fucking creasing😭😭😭 step mom thought moonpig would change the ‘example text’ on the mug automatically to my dads name (mark) clearly fucking not😭😭

6. This aspiring latte artist who was hoping for a prettier result.

Remember the time i tried making really good latte art but this happened instead

7. This amateur baker who eschewed cookie cutters.

8. This guy who fancied a pair of veneers.

That’s what ya get for ordering veneers online 😭😭😂😂 can’t cope

9. This woman who understandably felt pretty disappointed by these trousers.

🤮🤮 @OfficialPLT not what i ordered tho is it

10. This person who ended up in a mix-up.

I asked for Lorde tickets. Not The Lord.

11. This guy who assumed there wouldn't be quite this much alcohol.

asked for a vodka n coke last night in menorca n look at the fuckin state ae that, that's a pint glass, that's attempted murder

12. This person who tried a Beautyblender cleaning hack but missed out a crucial step – putting it in water.

@Jaycoko_ @jgv3vb I’m deleting Twitter. I’m pissed. Wtf

13. The person who was a gifted a portrait that didn't provide the self-esteem boost it intended.

when I was 16 my parents commissioned my grandad to paint a portrait of me to raise my self esteem. It did not.

14. This woman who ended up with an unique new decoration for their home.

Thanks for the flowers substitution @sainsburys !

15. This mum who ordered the wrong bed, although the dog didn't mind.

so my mom accidentally ordered an xs dog bed but he's still grateful..

16. This dog owner who had hoped for their dog to dress up as a lion, not as a person with a bad haircut.

17. This woman and her mum who thought they'd found a practical solution to drying this hoodie.

My hoodie got dirty and so I washed it but we don’t have a dryer so my mom and I thought it would be a good idea to hang it outside when it’s -9 so after an half hour it froze lmao I can’t we dumb as fuck

18. And this woman who was probably pretty damn surprised by what they received.

Guys my friend ordered for a two-piece from this account on IG for 10k.. Look at what she ordered for and what they delivered to her!😭😭😭