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24 Couples Who Were The True Definition Of Relationship Goals In 2017

Guys, love is real.

1. This ingenious pair.

I literally helped him find dee. What’d you do today.

2. The giver of this beautiful bouquet.

How did I get so lucky 😢❤️

3. And this guy who made an anniversary extra special.

For our one year that recently passed i got natilyiah one of her favorite pictures of us filled with the all the me…

4. This new husband who's truly proud.

5. This couple who'd find any reason to see each other.

6. This boyfriend who was there to help.

When she's too drunk to brush her teeth, you do it for her 😬

7. And this boyfriend who gifted a heartfelt present.

My mans got the sound waves of him saying he loves me printed on a canvas 😭💕

8. This guy who had an excellent sense of humour.

9. And this one who had the perfect reaction face.

My boyfriend told me to pose so he could screenshot me AND LOOK AT HIS FACE 😂😂😂

10. Although this boyfriend's reaction was pretty great too.

11. This couple who took dates to a new level.


12. This girlfriend who was way too funny.

If Jose breaks up with me just know it’s because he’s had enough

13. This husband who knew his priorities.

My husband y’all 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️😂

14. This solver of everyone's date-night dilemma.

Since me & my boyfriend can never decide where to eat... I decided to do this, not a bad idea 🤗❤️❤️

15. This guy who wholeheartedly supported his girlfriend.

16. This boyfriend and his amazing DIY.

so my bf always asked me why i did my makeup on the floor... so while i was gone for a week he did this for me😭 im…

17. This couple who knew how to have a good night out.

Wife had a bunch of rum drinks tonight and we somehow ended up at Target

18. This husband who kept the romance going for decades.

My grandpa has been giving my grandma flowers everytime he goes riding for the past 40 years🌻💛

19. And this husband who was super thoughtful when it came to anniversary gifts.

My dad surprised my mom for their 30th anniversary and had a bench dedicated to her at the park where they always w…

20. This guy whose proposal to his boyfriend would melt even the coldest of hearts.

.@LittleMix sorry for the screams but that was MENTAL. Jade you truly made Little Mix’s shows a happy and safe plac…

21. This woman and her partner who were adorably extra.

My mom really met her soul mate at 42. They have the same birthday and took headass pictures to celebrate 😂😂

22. This husband's attempt to *woo* his wife.

Why does my dad text my mom like he's sliding into her DMs for the first time

23. This girlfriend and her resourcefulness.

I didn't have a pic of my girl to put in my lil locket so I just drew her

24. And finally, this married couple who proved love is about being your weirdest selves around each other.

what is wrong with my sister and her husband