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    16 People Who Should Stay The Hell Away From Ice Cream

    They'll have to stick to popsicles or something.

    1. The person who asked for a bite of someone's ice cream, and proceeded to do this.

    2. The person who had a very literal response to being asked for an ice cream sandwich.

    3. Whoever decided to do soft-serve ice cream this way.

    4. The person who served some wildly inappropriate looking ice cream.

    5. The makers of this unusual flavour.

    6. The person who thought up the idea of making knock-off iPhone ice creams.

    7. The person who made an unwanted addition to some ice cream.

    8. And the person who opened a poor box of ice cream this way.

    9. The person who ate their chocolate coated ice cream like this.

    10. The person who paired their fries with ketchup and mayo ice cream.

    11. And whoever eats their ice cream sandwiches like this.

    12. The person behind this instant-ramen flavoured ice cream.

    13. And the originator of this herring ice cream recipe.

    14. The admittedly creative creator of sweetcorn flavoured ice cream, complete with husk.

    15. The genius behind ruining some perfectly good nachos with an ice cream twist.

    16. And finally, whoever thought up this pistachio and coffee combination, without thinking that it looks a little like...something else.