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17 People Whose Food Ideas Were Actually Pretty Genius

Some of these are bizarre but they're all kind of brilliant.

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4. The family who found a way around not knowing what filling is in your empanada.

My family is in 2037 y'all. They got their empanadas embossed w what meat is inside


5. The guy who knew sometimes you might just want more than one cereal.

did i jus do something? or like i'm late?

7. This guy who decided Rice Krispies Treats and ice cream belong together.

8. And this guy who created a new way to have McDonald's desserts.

got "creative" with my hunger today


12. This person who knew Oreo cereal is one thing, but Oreo COOKIES as cereal is another.


13. And the person who had some croissants and sausages and thought "why not?"

16. This woman who did something so brilliantly simple it'll make you say "why haven't I thought of this?"

17. And the person who came up with this idea that's so's almost right?

A breakfast idea for this morning ๐Ÿ‘…๐Ÿซ #HappyEaster