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People Are Defending Victoria Beckham After She Was Slammed For Kissing Her Own Daughter

The Instagram picture has been flooded with comments.

On her daughter Harper's birthday, Victoria Beckham shared this photo on Instagram of the two of them kissing.

But people started to criticise her for kissing Harper on the lips.

Even the position of her head came under scrutiny.

Some have pointed out that different cultures might perceive this kiss differently.

But loads have defended Victoria, saying they kiss their kids too.

People were pretty pissed that there was outrage in the first place.

Beautiful photo of a mother and daughter. Anyone who thinks otherwise have a weird idea of motherhood. https://t.co/WjpCBCPAm9

The fact that Victoria Beckham is getting backlash for kissing her daughter on the lips is so worrying. What is wrong with people?😡😡

People having an issue with @victoriabeckham kissing her daughter Harper really are the ones with serious problems... #KeepKissing💋 ✨😏✨

And parents even shared pictures of themselves kissing their own children.

Either way, each to their own and a happy belated birthday to Harper 🎉.