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    22 Pampering Products That Feel Luxurious But Are Actually Under A Tenner

    Treat yourself for less.

    1. These 24k gold powder under-eye masks are packed with collagen and hyaluronic acid, helping to reduce the appearance of puffiness and fine lines.

    2. You'll be spoiled for choice with this set of Garnier sheet masks! It includes a glow-inducing sakura face mask and a deeply hydrating pomegranate one.

    3. Nourish dry and damaged hair with this hydrating Moroccan argan oil mask that provides intense moisture in just five minutes.

    4. This vegan-friendly body scrub from Sanctuary Spa contains pumice to buff away dead skin cells and will leave your skin smelling amazing for up to 12 hours afterwards.

    5. This bath soak wants you to feel pampered – it's right there in its name! It has a soothing shea butter and ginger scent, a 4.7-star average rating, and is barely over £1.

    6. These Himalayan bath salts are infused with chamomile, bergamot, lavender, and jasmine essential oils. Pour some into the bath to de-stress, or mix it with jojoba or almond oil to make a body scrub!

    7. Soothe your tired eyes after a long day of looking at screens by popping on one of these heated eye masks. They stay warm for 20 minutes, which makes them an easy way to fit some "me time" into the day.

    8. These silicone cleansing brushes will help to give your skin a properly deep clean while avoiding irritation.

    9. And this silicone brush will do a similar thing but for your scalp! Use it to massage in your shampoo and it'll lift away product buildup and dead skin flakes.

    10. Winter means chapped lip season for a lot of us, so treat yourself to this vitamin E and avocado oil mask that will help to heal and nourish them.

    11. Treat your feet to this incredibly highly-rated foot peel mask that can remove dead skin and calluses in as little as five days.

    12. Give your skin an intense shot of hydration with this hyaluronic acid serum by cult-status skincare brand The Inkey List.

    13. Brighten and even out your skin tone in just a few swipes of these NIP+FAB Vitamin C Fix pads.

    14. These shower steamers are perfect for anyone who doesn't have a tub (or the time for a long soak). They release soothing smells once popped onto your shower floor, and come with a variety of little scented tea lights too.

    15. If you have dry skin but don't like slathering on heavy moisturisers, this vitamin E body oil from Burt's Bees is the perfect solution.

    16. These dead sea bath salts help to soothe sore muscles, so are great to incorporate into your post-workout ~relaxation~ time.

    17. If you fancy giving yourself a home manicure, you may as well do it with this gorgeous rose gold-coloured set.

    18. Use this jade roller and gua sha scraper to boost circulation and add a little bit of luxury into your evenings. The roller is particularly great for working your favourite serums into your skin.

    19. This clay and red algae face mask brightens and exfoliates your skin, and all for under £6.

    20. And you can apply your mask with these silicone brushes that are more hygienic than using your hands and can ensure an even application.

    21. You can give yourself a massage with this handheld rollerball! It's the perfect size to really get into any tight knots that are giving you grief.

    22. However you choose to pamper yourself, it'll feel all the more luxurious with this Amber Noir candle burning in the background. Its scent is a mix of violets, tuberose, and amber.