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17 Times Oscar Isaac Ruined All Other Men For You

Poe DAMN-eron.

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1. When he gave this honest answer:

2. When he creatively interpreted this thirsty tweet:

3. When he gave this look to the camera after being complimented.

4. And while we're at it, this one too.

5. When he spoke about dressing up as a gonk droid when he was younger.

6. And when he recounted earnestly asking Harrison Ford for piloting advice.

7. When he shipped Poe and Finn...

8. ...more than once.

9. When he was self-deprecating about his height.

10. When he had a very wholesome answer when asked what he looks for in a friend.

11. And an even more wholesome answer when he was talking about what relaxes him.

12. When he was low-key fishing for compliments.

13. When he had a pretty great sense of humour.

14. When he was a huge fan of how Rey was written.

15. And said this about female characters in The Last Jedi.

16. When he gave everyone a glimpse of his new selfie face.

17. And of course, when he was living in the future by using chopsticks to avoid getting Cheeto dust on his hands.

A visionary.