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    19 Products From Oliver Bonas' "Staying In" Section To Actually Keep You Entertained

    Games, puzzles, books, and so much more.

    1. This 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzle is a great way to kill time and when it's done, it shows 54 adorable illustrations of different dog breeds!

    2. If you've found yourself taking up yoga during lockdown, this biodegradable, recyclable mat might be up your street. Its textured surface offers the grip and stability you'll need for those tricky balancing poses!

    3. Next time you're stuck on what to order (or even make!) for dinner, roll this takeaway dice and let it decide for you.

    4. No gym equipment? No problem! Use this deck of bodyweight workout cards to build an exercise routine tailored to suit you.

    5. And give your brain a workout with these 'Boost your Brain' trivia cards designed to keep your mind sharp!

    6. If you've got a garden, you can recreate your school days (and get some exercise too) with this sports day kit that contains everything you'll need for 50 different outdoor games.

    7. Challenge yourself with this desk block that'll offer you a different lateral thinking puzzle every day for a year! It's undated, so now is as good a time as any to start it.

    8. This six-in-one wooden games compendium is a bit of old-school fun that you can enjoy with your family or flatmates – it includes chess, draughts, and dominoes among other games!

    9. This giant toppling tower game can reach over double its original height, but that's if nobody makes the wrong move so that it all goes tumbling down first!

    10. This pack of 'table-talk' cards is full of stimulating conversation prompts, perfect for when you're catching up with friends or on a Zoom date but have exhausted the topic of what you're watching on Netflix.

    11. Canine Chaos is a fun, fast-paced game where you compete to turn piles of cards into complete 'celebri-packs'. And if you're wondering, the cards do all have punny, dog-themed twists on celebrity names.

    12. Sometimes the simplest things are the most entertaining, and this ring toss game for your garden is proof!

    13. The beautifully detailed illustrations in this nature-themed colouring book should take you a good while to complete and will look stunning when you're finished!

    14. Think you're a movie buff? This trivia card game spans a variety of film categories and will seriously put your knowledge to the test.

    15. This book of logic puzzles will really get you thinking, and it's fun to challenge your family with too!

    16. Hosting a quiz over video call? This handy deck of cards will take all the faff out of coming up with questions.

    17. This mandala jigsaw puzzle is doubly entertaining – once you're done actually putting it together, you get to colour it in.

    18. Step back in time with this mini retro console that has 26 games to keep you entertained.

    19. Now that we're all becoming amateur chefs during quarantine, it's a great time to stock up on cookbooks. Posh Potatoes is a great choice as it shows you a whole host of ways you can transform the humble spud into tasty mains and side dishes.