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    29 Of The Best Gifts To Give In 2019

    Presents that definitely aren't in danger of being re-gifted.

    1. Can you imagine someone receiving this sweet little dumpling light and NOT having a massive smile on their face? Me neither.

    2. A shiatsu neck and back massager will soothe their aches and pains, and possibly make you their new favourite person.

    3. Your friends will be able to have vintage-y Polaroid pictures without having to carry around an instant camera thanks to this smartphone printer.

    4. If you want to give something they'll most likely use *forever*, this leather Dr Martens backpack will see them through hundreds of commutes, lectures, and/or day trips among other things.

    5. A slightly passive-aggressive but very genius gift for the bearded person in your life, this Beard Buddy will catch any clippings that fall when they shave or trim, rather than the hairs collecting in the sink.

    6. For the person who is always wondering where their keys are, this Tile Pro will be an absolute game changer.

    7. This festive treat is any makeup-lover's dream – a Too Faced eyeshadow palette with18 gorgeous, warm-toned shades that apply super smoothly, AND it smells like actual gingerbead.

    8. Nobody likes their phone running out of battery halfway through the day, which is why pretty much everyone would appreciate a power bank – especially when it's as cute as this sloth one!

    9. Make teatime super fancy for someone with this floral tea cup that will turn any cuppa into a ~high tea~ experience.

    10. These heated corgi slippers will warm the feet (and heart!) of that person you know who's always cold.

    11. If you and your S.O. can spend HOURS working out what you want to do on the weekend, gift them (and yourself) this scratch-off bucket list board with 100 different date ideas.

    12. For someone looking to get into skincare, knowing where to begin can be tricky. But you'll get them off to a great start with this set by The Ordinary that gives hydrated, even skin.

    13. Help take their baking game to GBBO-worthy heights with this two-in-one biscuit press and cake icing set, that has 13 different cutters for various biscuits, and eight icing nozzles.

    14. We all know someone who has seen every episode of Friends hundreds of times, so let them put their trivia to the test with this quiz game and get ready for The One Where Your BFF Just Really Loved Their Gift This Year.

    15. Looking to get something that extra bit special? They're sure to love one of these beautiful pressed flower necklaces, and likely get a lot of compliments on it too.

    16. For the person who really needs to take more time for themselves, give them a little nudge in the right direction with this "big night in" box by Calm Club. It features everything they'll need for a relaxing evening at home.

    17. For the person who saw Detective Pikachu at least twice, this mug will perk up their mornings.

    18. The Dishoom cookbook will let them recreate the famous Indian restaurant's recipes at home, including their amazing bacon naan roll and house black daal.

    19. If they love a subtle style statement, this constellation-inspired multi-row necklace (which looks far more expensive than it is) will be a winner.

    20. If you really want to go all out for your favourite home cook, this multi-cooker is just the thing! With this bad boy they can air fry, slow cook, pressure cook, sauté, steam, bake, roast, AND grill.

    21. This six-piece "multimasking" kit by GLAMGLOW will let them try loads of their various iconic masks, and even mix and match them to target different areas!

    22. Gifts with their initials are an easy way to make things a lil' more thoughtful, and this personalised folding leather cardholder is a timeless choice.

    23. Your favourite Disney fan will love these princess sheet masks – they're perfect for a night on the sofa watching, you guessed it, all their fave Disney movies.

    24. These crystal drop celestial earrings are going to become their accessory of choice for every night out.

    25. This comprehensive calligraphy set is a thoughtful gift for someone who loves all things stationery and journalling, plus it gives them a head start if they've been planning to try a new hobby in 2020!

    26. This heated throw blanket will make them the toastiest they've ever been.

    27. That friend who doesn't just know star signs, but ALSO sun and moon ones is going to love this astrology pouch that you can personalise to their particular sign.

    28. This set of organic, fruity teas will go down a treat with that person who always has a mug in their hand.

    29. Vegans and non-vegans alike will appreciate this artisanal chai-spiced chocolate bar that is rich, creamy, and has tons of flavour.