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19 Observations That'll Make Women Say "Fuck, That's So True"

"'You're not like other girls.' My guy I am the amalgamation of every single girl I've ever thought was cool."

1. This happened at every sleepover, growing up:

2nd grade girl sleepover: "shhh okay let's actually go to sleep" *quiet for a minute* the annoying friend: *sta…

2. Low ponytails are a very hard look to pull off:

other girls wearing low ponytails: smart, classy, professional, beautiful me wearing a low ponytail: will turner i…

3. We have all been the drunk girl or the drunk girl's friends in this scenario:

just heard a drunk girl outside my house scream “I’m going to Jeff’s!” and like three friends simultaneously said “…

4. Something about the song "Man! I Feel Like a Woman!" resonates with you:

If Shania Twain saying "let's go girls" doesn't flip some internal switch in you, you're lying.

5. Public bathroom lighting is cruel and unforgiving:

my face without makeup at home: glowy, fresh, fading acne scars my face without makeup in the mirror of a public to…

6. Everyone's aesthetic is built this way:

"yr not like other girls" my guy i am the amalgamation of every single girl i've ever thought was cool

7. The lure of a drugstore is impossible to resist:

8. This issue is really common:

my new years resolution is to put my clothes back on the hangers and in my closet after trying them on. i know that…

9. And these hypothetical replies are very, very real:

boy: wanna fuck me: no sorry boy: cool me neither me: boy: you’re not even attractive to me anyways me: boy:yeah…

10. Shaving your bikini line is a never-ending task:

11. This is an important milestone in a relationship:

12. Women's shampoos are marketed very differently to men's ones.

13. You will have to do this every time you have a crush on someone:

"Wait. Let me find a good pic of him" is probs the most girl used sentence ever

14. Trying to hide your pain while on your period is a struggle:

when ur having period cramps but u gotta play it cool

15. The urge to cut your hair can strike at any moment:

me: wow my hair is getting longer, this feels great inner me:

16. We don't need to buy screen cleaning wipes:

17. This is the closest most of us get to closure:

closure isn’t real just cut your hair and pretend it didn’t happen

18. Every sci-fi movie you see raises this thought:

19. And everyone turns into a makeup vlogger the minute they get their foundation out:

i know i ain’t the only girl that be doing my makeup in front of my vanity like, “hi guys so today we’re gonna star…

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