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    22 Box Sets On NOW TV To Binge Watch During Self Isolation

    You can get a seven-day free trial!

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    NOW TV's Entertainment package has 300+ box sets, and you can get a seven-day free trial to start watching them before paying £8.99 a month. We've rounded up some of the best ones to binge watch while you're stuck at home, and included how many episodes there are depending on how much of a commitment you're after. Whether you're looking to rewatch an old fave or get stuck into that show you've been meaning to watch, there's something for everyone.

    1. Legion


    Available: seasons 1-3, 27 episodes

    Diagnosed with schizophrenia at a young age, David Haller has spent most of his life in various psychiatric hospitals. But after being hunted down by a government agency, he is saved by a group of mutants and discovers that he himself is a mutant too.

    2. The Mindy Project


    Available: seasons 1-6, 117 episodes

    The rom-com series, about Dr Mindy Lahiri and her attempts to get her love life together, was aired on E4 for its first three seasons but then UK fans missed out on the rest once it moved to Hulu in America! You can watch all six seasons on NOW TV, tracking all the ups and downs of Mindy and her co-workers.

    3. Broad City

    Comedy Central

    Available: seasons 1-6, 60 episodes

    If you're looking to literally laugh out loud (and who among us isn't at the moment) you can't go wrong with this critically-acclaimed comedy about Illana and Abbi, two friends in their twenties that live in New York City and seem to turn even the mundanity of day to day life into hilariously chaotic adventures.

    4. Billions


    Available: seasons 1-4, 48 episodes

    This complex drama is loosely based on an investigation by former U.S. Attorney Preet Bahara regarding a Wall Street hedge fund manager, and the legal battles surrounding it.

    5. True Blood


    Available: seasons 1-7, 80 episodes

    Remember peak vampire-mania in pop culture? Then you probably remember True Blood, about vampires and humans co-existing together in a small Louisiana town two years after a synthetic blood “Tru Blood” let vampires be known about to the rest of the world.

    6. Home

    Channel 4

    Available: season one, five episodes

    Home tells the story of Sami, a Syrian asylum seeker who stows away in the car boot of a middle-class British family. It follows his new life, and the unlikely bonds formed between him and the family whose car he hid in. You can watch all of the first season on NOW TV, and while it's very funny at points you still might want tissues to hand.

    7. Insecure


    Available: seasons 1-3, 24 episodes

    Issa and Molly have both been friends since university. Now in their late twenties, Insecure tracks the ups and downs of their relationships and careers in their hometown of Los Angeles.

    8. 30 Rock


    Available: seasons 1-7, 138 episodes

    The satirical sitcom centres on the behind-the-scenes workings of a fictional live sketch show, and has a whole host of eccentric characters alongside plenty of celebrity cameos.

    9. Parks and Recreation


    Available: seasons 1-7, 125 episodes

    The equivalent of a hug in the form of a TV show, the friendships formed between the members of the parks and rec department in the fictional town of Pawnee are seriously heartwarming but never overly saccharine.

    10. Veep


    Available: seasons 1-7, 65 episodes

    This incredibly sharp political satire follows the personal and professional life of Vice President Selina Meyers as she discovers the job isn't quite how she expected it to be.

    11. Everybody Hates Chris


    Available: seasons 1-4, 88 episodes

    For a serious throwback, you can't go wrong with this family comedy set in the '80s and based on the teenage life of comedian Chris Rock. It's been off screens for over a decade but whether you fancy a rewatch or didn't see it the first time, it's well worth a viewing.

    12. Sex and the City


    Available: seasons 1-6, 94 episodes

    It's probably been years since you watched Sex and the City, but if you want to go through the loves and lives of Carrie, Miranda, Samantha, and Charlotte all over again, every episode is available. Just try not to think too much about how Carrie affords everything.

    13. The Newsroom


    Available: seasons 1-3, 25 episodes

    Featuring a baby-faced Dev Patel among other stars such as Jeff Daniels and Sam Waterson, The Newsroom chronicles the goings on of a fictional news channel in Atlanta.

    14. The Sopranos


    Available: seasons 1-6, 86 episodes

    If you're sick of everyone telling you to watch The Sopranos, you may now actually have time to see it and get them to stop! The iconic drama shows Tony Soprano's struggle to balance his family life with his life of crime, and tbh there's a reason it's won so many awards.

    15. Westworld


    Available: seasons 1-3, 22 episodes

    The premise involves a Wild-West themed amusement park called, you guessed it, Westworld. It's a place where android "hosts" who are programmed to never hurt humans are at the service of wealthy guests who pay to indulge their fantasies at the park.

    16. Game of Thrones


    Available: seasons 1-8, 73 episodes

    Wanted to get into Game of Thrones at its peak but felt you had missed the boat or there was too much to catch up on? Well if it's still on your "to watch" list, you can stream every single episode now (and they're pretty long so it's gonna take you a good while).

    17. The Handmaid's Tale


    Available: seasons 1-2, 23 episodes

    You can stream the first two seasons of this dystopian series based on the famous Margaret Atwood novel, showing the journey of the lead character Offred as she navigates the totalitarian state of Gilead – a place where young women are forced to effectively be incubators and carry the children of powerful men.

    18. Chernobyl


    Available: season one, five episodes

    This historical drama miniseries definitely isn't lighthearted viewing, so maybe not one to watch when you're in need of a boost. However if you do feel up to it, this is a gripping dramatisation looking at the stories of the people involved in and affected by the disaster.

    19. Girls


    Available: seasons 1-6, 62 episodes

    It follows four twentysomething friends in New York City who have no idea what they're doing with their lives (and the many mistakes they make along the way), with a focus on the main character Hannah who is financially cut off from her parents.

    20. The Comeback


    Available: seasons 1-2, 21 episodes

    This mockumentary-style comedy starring Lisa Kudrow takes a look inside the life of Valerie Cherish, a former sitcom star who fell out of the spotlight but gets cast in a new show over a decade later and decides to chronicle the experience for a reality TV show (called, yep, The Comeback).

    21. Big Little Lies


    Available: seasons 1-2, 14 episodes

    Based on the bestselling Liane Moriarty novel (for the first season anyway), this star-studded drama shows the secrets and stories of five women in Monterey, California as they are all embroiled in a shocking murder investigation.

    22. Dexter


    Available: seasons 1-8, 96 episodes

    If you've watched You on Netflix but haven't seen Dexter, what are you doing?! The titular character Dexter is a forensic analyst, who also happens to be a serial killer that murders criminals.

    You can sign up for a seven-day NOW TV Entertainment pass trial here! And if you opt for a longer plan, you can save up to 40%.