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    19 Bits Of Homeware From Not On The High Street That You Can Get For Under £20

    Beautiful pieces to suit your budget.

    1. You can get this wire word art personalised with a quote of your choice!

    2. This marble elephant-shaped tealight holder is cuter than it has any right to be!

    3. Add a bit of gothic glamour to your space by popping one of these glass candlesticks on the mantlepiece.

    4. These ceramic planters are frankly dino-mite.

    5. Adorn your fave houseplant with one of these adorable animal decorations! You can choose from a koala bear, pangolin, or owl among many others.

    6. Add some ambience to your room with this LED light that comes in every letter of the alphabet.

    7. Your flowers will look even better once they're placed in this leopard head vase.

    8. These luxe coasters are made with real marble, adding a fancy finish to your coffee table!

    9. Your meals will look 100% more Instagram-worthy when served in one of these gorgeous glazed bowls.

    10. And speaking of leopards, this print will brighten up any room that you put it in.

    11. This assortment of brass frames provide a stylish way to display your favourite photos or prints. The frames are strung with various sari ties, making them extra unique.

    12. Add a personal and cosy touch to your room with one of these corduroy initial cushions. They come in shades such as dusty pink, mustard, and grey, so there's bound to be one that suits your colour scheme.

    13. This gorgeous mango wood bowl is a stylish way to store the bits that you don't want cluttering up your kitchen countertops.

    14. This crochet hanging basket is a unique way to display your plants. It's made using 100% recycled yarn!

    15. The warm colours on this speckled resin tealight holder will add a little ~something~ to your shelf or bedside table.

    16. Of if you're looking for some shelf storage, you can't go far wrong with one of these little baskets.

    17. The cheapest of hand soaps will instantly seem fancy once you decant it into one of these amber glass bottles.

    18. You can customise the design and text on this book-themed folder so that it doesn't look out of place on your shelf! You can choose from a lever arch folder or box file, and there's tons of colours and patterns available.

    19. You can customise this mandala print to your specific birth flower. It also makes for a great gift!