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17 Pictures That Will Make You Want To Stop Biting Your Nails

You'd be biting art.

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1. This starry night that you would most definitely not want to chew on.

Instagram: @ryanamber

3. This ~out there~ galaxy pattern.

4. These bright AF roses.

5. These smokey marble nails.

9. And then there's mermaid nails. Mermaid nails are a thing.

10. This ombre that's matte and sparkly at the same time.

11. This plaid that means you can match your nails to your shirt.

13. This dripping chevron pattern.

14. And this for when you can't choose just one pattern.

16. These delicate daisies.

17. And these, because covering a part of your body in images of another part of your body is pretty meta.