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19 Mums Who Have Mastered The Art Of Being Extra AF

Mums just love to do ~the most~.

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1. This mum who had an excellent photo idea.

I found the picture of my mom putting sunglasses on me minutes after giving birth to me

2. This mum who made sure her excuse was completely solid.

3. This mum who excelled at Christmas.

Not that my mom's super extra & still does this "gift for each day of December til' Christmas" ever since I was 6

4. This mum whose Game of Thrones post is the most inspiring thing you'll ever see.

🗣HOLLERING !!! My mother has no chill!!

5. This considerate dog-owner mum.

6. Seriously, mums are the most extra dog owners.

my dog gets bad anxiety when she stays alone & my fam is gonna go out so we're leaving my dog w a fam friend & my m…

7. This mum who thought big when it came to wedding guests.


8. This mum who just really missed the microwave.

Bruh the family microwave died and my mom sent me this 😩😢😂. #RIPBigBertha #JobWellDone

9. This mum who had the most savage idea.

I'm hollering at the gifts my mom is making for my brother's teachers.

10. And this mum who found a genius hack.

Asked me mum if she could bring my charger down stairs, she replied "shout the dog"

11. This matchmaker mum.

12. This mum who made a rejection cake.

13. This mum who may have done a little embellishing to get a good story.

My mother is out here lying on Facebook. My nephew speaks in Power Ranger quotes, he ain't say none of this.

14. This mum who had a great time dropping her daughter off at college.

My mom dropped me off today for College freshman orientation and she sends me this... #TXST21

15. This mum who did a deep-dive into THAT Avril Lavigne conspiracy theory.

Told my mum about the Avril Lavigne conspiracy thread and she took it to a whole new level, comparing the teeth fro…

16. This mum who turned a cinema trip with friends into a full-blown event.

Super obsessed with my mom & her friends sorrrrryyyyyy

17. This mum who celebrated her birthday in the cutest way.

18. This mum who knows presentation is everything.

I'm literally having KFC why my mum arranged it like she Gordon Ramsay

19. And this mum whose idea is a total game changer.

FKN HOWLING oot wi ma maw n she's brought her umbrella which is actually a hip flask in disguise