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    16 "Romantic" Movie Moments That Were Actually Pretty Messed Up

    TLDR; Edward Cullen was a creep.

    We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us which movie moments they once thought were romantic but now see as pretty terrible. Here are some of their responses!

    1. When Noah hangs off the Ferris wheel and won't get himself to safety unless Allie agrees to go out with him in The Notebook.

    New Line Cinema

    "I thought it was this grand, romantic gesture but it’s actually super manipulative and creepy."


    2. When Edward confesses to sneaking into Bella's room and watching her sleep in Twilight.

    Summit Entertainment

    "Edward would literally break into Bella's house and watch her sleep without her permission or knowledge. I used to think it was cute but now I just cringe watching it."


    3. The fact that Clare spends her whole life pining after Henry in The Time Traveller's Wife, but never really gets a say in the matter.

    New Line Cinema

    "I love the film and love the book, but it really feels like she didn’t have a choice but to be with him – he visits her when she’s a child and she waits for her life to catch up with his. It does feel like grooming. Also problematic: he secretly gets a vasectomy because he can’t watch her go through any more miscarriages, but when an earlier version of him time travels to her in the present, they have sex and she gets pregnant."


    4. In Frankie and Johnny when Johnny tells Frankie to remove her robe.

    Paramount Pictures

    "Frankie and Johnny with Al Pacino and Michelle Pfeiffer proves extremely problematic with a lot of cliché romantic gestures taken to the extreme by Johnny's selfish and manipulative behaviour towards Pfeiffer’s Frankie. Even more cringeworthy is when Frankie exits the bathroom in her robe and Johnny TELLS her (doesn’t ask..) to remove her robe so he can see her fully naked. Why? 'To know I can' he says. She’s obviously uncomfortable with the idea for her own reasons which ARE NONE OF HIS BUSINESS because he does not own her body. However, he makes this manipulative speech dressed up as romantic in order to coerce her into removing it. She obliged and goes on to make an awkward speech about something unrelated, clearly showing how not chill this is for her. And THEY STILL END UP TOGETHER."


    5. When Josh and Susan sleep together in Big.

    20th Century Fox

    "It wasn't until I got older and had children that I realised that she was in effect seducing a 12-year-old boy. I know that shit wouldn't fly in this day and age. (Seriously though, did no one involved in the making of Big give that part a second thought? They've just turned this lovely lady into an unwitting paedophile.)"


    6. When Rick makes Rachael kiss him in Blade Runner .

    Warner Bros.

    "He physically stops the girl from leaving and demands that she kiss him. I saw this as an adult and was horrified, and cannot appreciate the movie at all. Many of my friends grew up with this movie and idolise it, but when I ask them about this scene often I can literally see the realisation of how bad it is dawn on them."


    7. When Andy apologises to Nate in The Devil Wears Prada and it seems like they're going to reconcile.

    20th Century Fox

    "Really? They fell out because her boyfriend couldn’t deal with her doing well in her job!"


    8. When Joe tells Kathleen he knew she was Shopgirl for a while and had kept it to himself in You've Got Mail .

    Warner Bros.

    "She’s so happy she cries, and when the movie first came out, I loved that moment. Now I think the whole concept is creepy, and manipulative, and stalkerish. I think there needs to be another scene added where she says, “Wait, how long have you known?? When you were giving me all the advice? WTF?? What is WRONG with you!?”


    9. The romance between Josie and Sam in Never Been Kissed.

    20th Century Fox

    "When I was younger I thought Never Been Kissed was so cute... then I watched it as an adult. The teacher was in love Josie BEFORE he knew she was an adult."


    10. The plot of The Wedding Planner.

    Columbia Pictures

    "How is the whole plot not completely messed up? I remember thinking it was so romantic when I was in 6th grade, but now I can’t stand it!"


    11. Sebastian's and Annette's romance in Cruel Intentions, considering the fact that she was initially being used as part of a game he was playing.

    Columbia Pictures

    "I thought it was so romantic how he changed for her once he realised he was in love. But really, if I found out a guy was only interested in me because of some sick game I'd be outraged, even if he insisted he was now in love with me."


    12. Bender and Claire ending up together in The Breakfast Club even though he put his head under her skirt earlier in the film.

    Universal Pictures

    "The kiss that they share in the end is so sweet and sensual at the same time and used to be one of my favourites in any film ever. But now I watch that moment and I want to physically stop Claire from going in for it. I still love The Breakfast Club for the most part, it's very well made. But this is just one of the things that didn't age well about the movie."


    13. Sandy showing up at the carnival with her new look in Grease.

    Paramount Pictures

    "When I was a kid I was obsessed with Grease and the Sandy/Danny relationship. Now when she shows up at the carnival in her sexy outfit and curly hair, I get so frustrated. The message is clearly 'you need to change yourself to find love' and that sucks so much. Shit, even Danny sports the athletic sweater showing his change for Sandy. Bleh."


    14. When Jake and Sam get together at the end of Sixteen Candles despite all of Jake's super-disturbing behaviour.

    Universal Pictures

    "I loved Jake Ryan so much and I would swoon at the end when he kisses Sam over the birthday cake. But. Like...NO. This boy gave his drunk girlfriend to another boy and told him to do whatever her wanted with her because she was too drunk to remember. RUN AWAY SAM."


    15. Everything about Overboard .


    "I used to love it and now I cringe."


    16. All of Mark's behaviour towards Juliet in Love, Actually, including his declaration of love at the end.

    Universal Pictures

    "There's nothing more weird and creepy than that. SHE WAS HIS BEST FRIEND'S BRIDE. Why do people romanticise that so much ? To me, it looks like a beginning of a creepy thriller movie."

    –Shahbano Malik via Facebook

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