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    These Period-Friendly Workout Leggings Are Eco Friendly, Leak-Proof, And Actually Look Great Too

    They can absorb the same amount as two to three tampons(!).

    You might have heard of ModiBodi, who pioneered 'period pants' that act as a substitute for disposable pads and tampons.

    Well now they've also launched workout leggings so you can do your power walking, weightlifting, or yoga while on your period – and all without needing to wear any extra sanitary products.

    The leggings are lined with a super absorbent material that's resistant to stains, odours, and bacteria, so you can go about your workout with no worries.

    They're perfect for anyone with a moderate to heavy flow, and they can absorb the same amount as two to three tampons! Pretty impressive, IMO.

    As if all that wasn't enough they're made from 78% recycled materials, and have pockets.

    So if all that sounds good to you, why not head over to ModiBodi and check them out?