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31 Things That Are True If You're A Girl Who's Low AND High Maintenance

Too laid back to be ~fancy~, but also too fancy to be truly laid back.

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1. You have a rigid hair washing routine that you stick to but are happy to fill out the days in between washes with as much dry shampoo as your scalp can handle.

2. You like clothes, but despite owning quite a lot of them you’ll wear the same four or five things on rotation until they disintegrate.

3. And the only heels you’ll wear are a pair of chunky ankle boots.

4. Even though you wear makeup most days, you don’t brush your makeup brushes half as much as you suspect you’re supposed to.

5. And your makeup bag has not been cleaned in forever.

6. You love having your nails done, but will happily have chipped nails for weeks until it’s fallen off rather than use nail polish remover.

7. You’ll wear the same bra for ages without washing it but would never do it with something like tights.

8. If you’re wearing anything that shows a bit of ankle you’ll shave to mid-calf and no further.

9. You wear foundation and concealer most days but draw the line at contouring.

10. And even if you know how to blend out eyeshadow, you can’t imagine bothering to apply false eyelashes.

Becky Barnicoat / BuzzFeed

11. You prefer eyeliner to lipstick because the former requires less top-ups during the day.

12. And whenever you do wear lipstick you rub it off after two hours because it’s too much maintenance.

13. Your skincare routine is something you’re very committed to and strict with, but it involves a maximum of three to four products.

14. You buy yourself loads of nice face masks but often forget to use them.

15. You have a go-to hair and makeup look for the working week and even if it takes a while to do, you have it down and don’t budge from it.

16. The idea of going a whole weekend with your hair in a bun doesn't faze you.

17. And your wardrobe is either ~fancy~ clothes or T-shirts and leggings with little in between.

18. You’re not averse to accessories but limit them to one or two because anything more feels like too much.

19. You make sure to use a ton of conditioner but partly because you don’t get your hair trimmed much and hope it covers split ends.

20 .You know how to curl your hair with tongs or straighteners but accept you’ll never be able to blow dry it with a barrel brush.

21. You post cute aesthetic pictures of your room on Instagram but always have to crop out the clothes on the floor or the collection of mugs on your desk.

Becky Barnicoat / BuzzFeed

22. You love wearing dresses and skirts but always wear them with black tights so you don’t feel obliged to shave your legs.

23. Your morning routine is incredibly specific and well-ordered, but you know which bits to skip if you fancy more time in bed.

24. You wouldn't dream of going away for a weekend without all your hair, skin, and makeup stuff but have mastered the art of fitting everything in an overnight bag.

25. Even though you’re into some brands, for a lot of things you don’t mind just finding a dupe.

26. You have a highly specific coffee order when you go to a cafe but happily drink any old coffee when you’re at work.

27. Showers where you shave, exfoliate, AND moisturise all over are more of a ~luxurious~ experience rather than an everyday occurrence.

28. You would never go to bed with makeup on but you’re rarely thorough enough to avoid those mascara streaks on your pillowcase.

29. You feel like a new person after getting your eyebrows done or your hair dyed, but always put it off until it’s been ages.

30. If someone is going on a night out with you they can expect it to take a while.

31. But you have no qualms going to the shop with greasy hair and your pyjamas on.

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