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May 2, 2017

18 Meals Absolutely Every Picky Eater Has Had

The "special order" burger.

1. The meal you discreetly try to throw away without offending anyone.

2. The meal that turns from perfectly fine to a monstrosity the moment you start dissecting it.

3. The special-order burger with at least one sticker on it.

4. The pizza with the more unpleasant toppings scraped off.

5. This safe option at a restaurant.

We went to red lobster and he still ordered chicken strips and French fries ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ™„

6. The meal you order that doesn't quite turn out as you imagined.

7. The separate dinner from everyone else.

8. The plate of food where everything is kept totally separate.

9. And the plate of food where everything's touching and you really have your work cut out.

10. The burrito that you basically perform surgery on to cut open and pick out the bits you like.

@robinhobb performs burrito surgery 4 picky eaters at the table who can't eat food that touches other food

11. The meal that's perfect except for the ONE ingredient you hate.

12. The ~lingering~ taste when someone just picks off the bit you don't eat. / Depressed Alien

13. The kids menu option you order as a grown-ass adult.

14. The after-dinner snack you have when you're hungry from picking out so much of your main meal.

15. The new food that you try just because people keep saying "otherwise how will you know if you like it?".

You won't like it.

16. That one meal you eat constantly for a month once you realise you like it.

With slight variations of course.

17. The meal where you eat around the bit you don't like and feel slightly upset at the wasted potential.

18. And rarest of all, the meal you try, and then actually end up liking.