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18 Times The Internet Made Some Fucking Good Points About Masculinity

"Imagine masculinity so fragile that you can’t even touch your own face."

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1. This truth about beer:

2. This apparently "repulsive" gesture:

3. This dog who just wants to flaunt their new bows:

4. This aversion to sweet smells:

5. These extremely masculine cotton buds:

6. This strange product:

7. This emoji issue:

8. These super manly candles:

9. This perfect joke:

i call my vagina Traditional Masculinity bc it leaves dudes reluctant to ask for directions

10. This man being cheered on by his very masculine peers:

11. This perfect answer to a question:

12. This drink:

13. This variation on being friends:

14. This example of where the bar is set:

15. This story about someone going out of their way:

16. This discovery of "man cards":

17. This random assortment of words:

18. And finally, this accurate description of gendered products:

Women's deodorant scents: rose, cotton, spring, meadow Men's: WINTER ICE, SHARKNADO, GLACIER PUNCH, ANTIFREEZE, GUN