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18 Makeup Struggles That Are Just Too Real During Summer

If only sweat and makeup would just get along.

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1. Eyeliner wings not staying perfectly pointed for very long.

2. Forehead shine becoming a very real thing.


3. And having to get very well-acquainted with blotting paper. / Jasmin Nahar / BuzzFeed

4. Lipsticks melting in the heat and looking like this.

5. Or even worse, makeup melting in your bag.

6. And then it just feels like you're melting away your money 💔.

7. Feeling obliged to look up "summer makeup" even though you'll never actually do it.

8. And tbh, working out what a summer makeup look is can be pretty hard.

9. Getting tanned means having to spend more money on a second foundation. / Jasmin Nahar / BuzzFeed

10. And the heat poses a very real risk to your eyebrows.

11. Sunglasses ruining the foundation on your nose, unless you take preventative measures.

I care 2much about my makeup😂 the sunglasses marks my nose, by removing my foundation.. So this is what I have 2 do

12. Having to use watery, warm Vaseline on your lips.

13. Taking longer than usual to do your makeup because applying it to a sweaty face is actually really hard.

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14. Makeup refusing to stay on for long without melting off your face throughout the course of the day.

Walt Disney

15. So resorting to waterproof makeup even though it's the worst to take off.

16. Removing extremely stubborn chipped toenail polish from several months ago.

17. Or forgetting to paint them altogether before wearing sandals, so having to seriously rush.

18. And finally, having to explain to people the actual reason for your glistening skin.

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