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    23 Products That Just Want To Make Your Life A Little Bit Easier

    Let these do the hard work for you.

    1. This knife and cutlery cleaner by Joseph Joseph will scrub both sides of your utensils at the same time! It's super sturdy and perfect if your sponges tend to get ruined by cleaning sharp blades.

    2. This clip-on silicone strainer will save you from having to transfer pasta into a colander and then back into the pan again.

    3. Putting on a bracelet by yourself can be a lot of faff, but this jewellery helper tool makes it so much simpler. It'll hold onto your bracelet so that it doesn't slip every time you try to fasten it!

    4. Anyone who sheds a lot of hair (or has a pet who does) is going to appreciate this RollaReleasa® tool! It quickly and effectively removes built-up hair that can get tangled in your vacuum's roller or brushes.

    5. Take all the guesswork out of perfectly poaching or boiling eggs by nabbing this clever egg cooker. It also works as a vegetable steamer!

    6. Stop your duvet from moving around in its cover by using these clips to secure it. They're firm enough to hold your duvet in place but lightweight enough to avoid feeling noticeable.

    7. Now that you're probably going to be out of the house a bit more, this smart plug will come in really handy. You can control and schedule on and off times for it remotely from the Alexa app, and it has an impressive 4.7-star average rating from over 54,000 reviews.

    8. This SinkShroom strainer will catch all those gross bits of wet food without affecting the flow of water down your drains, so you won't have to deal with dirty dish water rising up.

    9. Most measuring jugs require you to keep squatting down to check the measurements, but this OXO one is angled so you can view how full it is from above!

    10. No longer will you accidentally scald your arms on your oven racks thanks to these silicone protectors! They're 14 inches long and heat resistant up to 230°C.

    11. Enjoy some quick relief from headaches by swiping this levomenthol stick across your forehead. It gets to work in as little as two minutes and works by dilating the blood vessels on your skin, which in turn helps to block pain signals to the brain.

    12. There'll be no more messing around with butane refills thanks to this flameless lighter that's charged via USB.

    13. This anti-fog wipe will stop your glasses from misting up when you wear a mask. As if that wasn't reason enough to invest, you'll get about 700 uses from just the one cloth.

    14. Rummaging through your bag to find your brush/keys/wallet will be a thing of the past thanks to this nifty bag light! It has an automatic sensor that makes it light up when you open your bag, and turns itself off after 15 seconds to save on battery life.

    15. Giving yourself a manicure will be way less messy with this nail polish holder that you can wear as a lil' ring.

    16. Keep your loo fresh and clean between scrubs by using this Bloo rim block. With every flush it'll give off a fresh fragrance and release a cleaning foam to protect your toilet from dirt and limescale.

    17. These grooming gloves mean that you can de-shed your cat or dog and pet them at the same time. The loose fur will collect onto the silicone tips and then easily pull away.

    18. These inexpensive clips will attach to your bra straps and pull them in from the back, preventing them from slipping down or sticking out when you wear a vest.

    19. This collapsible bin has a generous 9L capacity and hooks over the cupboard door to sit under your counter. No more having to go back and forth to the bin with your food scraps – just scrape them straight into this!

    20. Make a toasted sandwich the easy way with these reusable bags. Just pop your sandwich in, put it into the toaster, and you're done! Each bag can be reused up to 50 times.

    21. These blind spot mirrors will increase your range of vision while driving, so you can change lanes with more confidence.

    22. If you're planning to start wearing dresses now there's a reason to get glammed up more often, you might want to buy this zip puller! Just hook its attachment to your zip and then pull it up by its strap.

    23. Dog not the biggest fan of bath time? Pop some peanut butter on this suction-backed lick mat, put it on the shower wall, and let them be distracted while you wash them with minimal drama!