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    37 Products To Make Your Home Look So Much Better In 2021

    Products that are pretty, practical, or both!

    1. The adorable detailing on this velvet cushion is simply beelightful.

    2. These birdcage-stye holders are a chic way to display your pillar candles.

    3. For some storage that doubles up as decor, you can't go far wrong with these wall-mounted floating shelves. They'll look as good in your kitchen as they will in your bedroom!

    4. If you're not great at looking after plants but love the aesthetic, these realistic-looking artificial ones will add some greenery to your space.

    5. Make your plain ol' tealights into a piece of decor with these stunning geometric tealight holders!

    6. You can transform your kitchen or bathroom with minimal effort by applying these self-adhesive tile decals. They're waterproof, oil-proof, and heat resistant up to 120°C.

    7. You can use this woven basket as a laundry hamper, or just a pretty place to store those things you're never sure where to put.

    8. You won't have to worry about accidentally leaving these marble-look candles burning – they're actually battery-operated LED lights that feature a handy timer!

    9. These hanging vases will take your hallway from boring to beautiful.

    10. This pink-toned marble contact paper looks really realistic and can be used on everything from countertops to coffee tables.

    11. This macramé wall hanging will add a celestial vibe to your bedroom.

    12. Or if you'd prefer a more classic style, this pair of hangings is an absolute steal.

    13. This gorgeous throw will add some ~pizzazz~ to sofas that have seen better days.

    14. Or for a truly out-of-this-world look, how about this moon and stars one?

    15. Conceal the clutter of cleaning products and spare toilet paper in this, sleek, slimline storage unit.

    16. This floral fairy light garland would look perfect draped around your mirror or bed frame.

    17. This moon phase garland is an easy and understated way to decorate that blank wall in your living room.

    18. This star-patterned essential oil burner will add a cosy touch to any room once lit.

    19. This rug looks way more expensive than what you'll pay for it.

    20. This faux fur rug will look equally good on your floor or draped over your armchair.

    21. This dimmable moon lamp will look perfect on your bedside table.

    22. Nab one of these artificial hanging potted plants to make your room like something from an Instagram home decor page. They're really realistic looking!

    23. As well as enhancing the ~vibe~ to your living room, these backlight LED strips will also help to reduce eye strain when you watch TV.

    24. Sometimes it's the little details that can make a big difference, and these inexpensive curtain tiebacks prove it.

    25. These corduroy cushion covers will add a vintage vibe to your sofa and come in a huge variety of colours – so there's bound to be one that suits your space.

    26. Not only does this stained-glass effect window film add some privacy, the holographic design will turn your panes into stunning works of art!

    27. Replacing worn leather sofas is seriously pricey, but restoring your current ones to their former glory with this 4.7-star rated balsam will only set you back £12.

    28. Got some cluttered cables that are a bit of an eyesore? This cord tidy will keep them concealed.

    29. This storage unit features shelves and hooks to keep your hallway looking neat and tidy.

    30. Keep your shower screen looking clean and clear by using this squeegee regularly. It'll prevent water marks and the buildup of soap scum!

    31. Keep the area around your sink tidy with this Joseph Joseph caddy that has ample room for electric and manual toothbrushes alongside your toothpaste.

    32. These bathroom shelves don't require any tools to install, and are an eye-pleasing way to display your toiletries!

    33. Get those discoloured gaps between your tiles looking gleaming again with this Unibond reviver pen. Alongside concealing any yellowing, it'll help to prevent mould from forming!

    34. It'll be easier to keep your hob looking clean with these reusable, washable protectors. When they get food splatters you can simply take them out and clean them in the sink or dishwasher.

    35. Even the cheapest liquid soap will look fancy once you decant it into this apothecary-style amber glass jar!

    36. If there's some nicks and scuffs on your wooden furniture that annoy you every time you see them, it's well worth buying this set of markers and waxes designed to conceal scratches. The kit includes a wide range of colours so one is bound to be the perfect match!

    37. This microfibre cloth will ensure your stainless steel surfaces stay shiny and free of streaks – not bad for under £2.