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    19 Products That Might Just Make Your Garden Your New Favourite Place

    Give your garden the makeover it deserves.

    1. Recline in style and recreate some holiday vibes with this hammock. It's super lightweight but still has a weight-bearing capacity of 300kg!

    2. If you've got a fairly large household, everyone will be able to get involved with this 'hunt the flag' game! Split up into two teams, and the first group to find their flag hidden on the other team's side of the garden wins!

    3. Relax outside without pesky flies ruining your experience thanks to these citronella tealights. These work wonders to repel flying insects, and they're less than £3 for a pretty sizable pack too!

    4. And you can pop them in this stunning – and super affordable – tealight holder.

    5. This clip-on table will easily attach to your garden chair so that you can sunbathe in peace without even needing to get up to grab your drink.

    6. This giant sprinkler is a) over 6ft tall, b) a fun way to keep cool, and c) designed to look like a unicorn. It's really easy to use too – just inflate it and then connect it to a standard garden hose.

    7. This sports day kit has enough stuff inside for you to recreate 50(!) different games, so should keep you entertained in your garden for a while.

    8. You'll be absolutely buzzing to chill in your garden once these waterproof LED bee lights are up! They're solar-powered and come with a solar panel, so you can put them wherever you like without faffing around with batteries or finding a socket.

    9. Or how about these twinkly, weatherproof festoon lights that will add a magical atmosphere to your space?

    10. This chic velvet seat cushion will jazz up your regular garden chair.

    11. This understated jute bunting will make for some some cheerful decor at your next barbecue, and can be used again and again.

    12. Let everyone get their competitive side out with this 'tug of war' game. The rope is made of a thick hessian so can withstand even the most enthusiastic of players.

    13. This pack of faux-ivy leaf garlands are a useful way to cover up any bits of your garden that you think look a bit drab.

    14. This giant toppling tower game really lives up to the "giant" part – it can reach over double its original height (that's if you get that far without it falling down).

    15. This bat and ball game is the perfect way to pass the time outdoors – it may be simple but it's a classic for a reason!

    16. Brighten up your garden by growing some stunning sunflowers – this kit has the seeds, starter pot, compost disc, and wooden marker you'll need for the job!

    17. See who has the best hand-eye coordination in your household with this target ball game. Just throw the included balls at the inflatable board, and see if you can aim for those trickier high-scoring fabric patches in the middle.

    18. Pass the Pigs is a game where you chuck inflatable pigs (yes, really) as far as you can in the hopes of being the first to get to 100 points. It may sound like a strange premise, but judging from its 4.5-star average rating it's a great one!

    19. You can start growing your own produce at home with this "funky veg" kit that has everything you need to grow vegetables you've probably not seen before – including purple carrots and yellow courgettes among others!