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    LOOKFANTASTIC's 2020 Advent Calendar Is Worth Over £460 But Only Costs £85 – So You Might Want To Pre-Order It Now

    It's sold out for the last five years in a row!

    There's some good news for beauty lovers, as LOOKFANTASTIC have revealed their new advent calendar for 2020! The contents are worth a lot – over £460 in fact – but the calendar is only £85, saving you a massive £375.

    It'll include 25 products spanning everything from haircare to bodycare and cosmetics, all while costing you a tiny fraction of the price you'd pay if you bought them individually.

    People have obviously been pretty happy with calendars from previous years, awarding them an impressive 4.86-star average rating from over 500 reviews!

    If you also add a subscription to LOOKFANTASTIC's Beauty Box to your basket, you can get £15 off the calendar so that it only costs you £70 – just make sure to use the code ADVENTNEWSUBS at the checkout.

    FYI, the calendar has sold out for the last five years in a row, so IMO it'd be pretty wise to pre-order it.

    So, that's a highly-rated, super popular beauty advent calendar that saves you £375 (£395 if you sign up for a Beauty Box subscription). What are you waiting for?

    You can pre-order the LOOKFANTASTIC advent calendar here!