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    Updated on Jan 28, 2019. Posted on Nov 5, 2017

    33 Things That Will Make You Say "Yup, I Do That" If You're Basically A Grandma

    There's no way you'd watch a movie any later than 8pm.

    Loryn Brantz / BuzzFeed

    1. You’re basically a walking supermarket because your bag contains everything someone could possibly need.

    2. And you feel really smug when someone needs an item and you have it. Who said you didn’t need to carry a mini-stapler in your bag?

    3. You’re heavily invested in a number of property shows.

    4. And you end up thinking things like “don’t you DARE knock out that fireplace Jean, it’s the star of the living room!”

    5. You get very stressed at the idea of going to the cinema past 8pm because it’s just going to be so late by the time you get out.

    6. All your ideal social plans end with you wearing cosy pyjamas in bed by 10pm.

    7. You love not having plans on a weekend.

    8. And if you do, they can't be too taxing. A trip to the local garden centre is enough for you.

    9. The only social media you don’t find stressful is Pinterest, because you just save slow-cooker recipes and don't have to interact with anyone.

    10. You love a good hobby, and like to have a few on the go.

    11. But sometimes you feel overwhelmed at the idea of juggling all the things you’d like to take up, because with knitting and making your own soaps on your plate, is there room to do cross-stitch too?

    12. You feel a bit bad spending money on a going-out dress, but would happily spend money on a nice cardigan.

    13. Even on a hot day you pack an umbrella "just in case".

    14. You prefer it when the weather gets cold because then you’re expected to stay in.

    15. You love to bake, and get excited when you have some bananas that are getting too ripe because it means you can make banana bread.

    16. You’re insistent on feeding your friends when they come round to your house, especially if you find out they've not eaten in a few hours.

    17. You're always well-prepared for online sales and know the best ways to get a bargain.

    18. To you, being anything less than ten minutes early for something basically means you're late.

    19. You’re part of a book club, or you really wish you were.

    20. All your birthday plans involve going for a nice meal and getting back at a reasonable hour.

    21. You take your baths very seriously and like to create an ~atmosphere~.

    22. You have a favourite scented candle scent.

    23. All shoes you buy are judged on their practicality before anything else.

    24. Your perfect trip abroad involves lots of well-organised daytime excursions.

    25. And even if you go somewhere hot you have to pack a shawl or cardigan because "it always gets a bit chilly in the evenings”.

    26. All the expensive things you really want are practical kitchen appliances, like stand mixers.

    27. When you go to a nice department store, you consider it a little treat to grab a pastry and tea from their café.

    28. You live in your pyjamas and a dressing gown when you’re at home.

    29. And you feel a bit sad when your best pyjamas are in the wash and you can’t wear them.

    30. Your weekends revolve around which meals you’re going to make, because some are just too complex for a weeknight.

    31. If you do go out after work for drinks, you try to leave early enough so that you can make a proper dinner when you get home.

    32. Your Christmas list consists of things like blankets, hot water bottles and fancy pyjamas.

    33. And even if some people wouldn't be happy with being gifted socks, to you it's the ultimate practical present.

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