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    45 Little Things Guaranteed To Annoy Every Type A Person

    No, I don't want to "go with the flow".

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    1. Being told to relax.

    2. Long queues.

    3. People being inefficient queuers and dawdling when the line moves.

    4. Having any unread emails.

    5. Unopened notifications in general.

    6. Slow walkers.

    7. Not being able to lead a group project.

    8. Or leading the group project but feeling like nobody else gets your ~vision~.

    9. Coming second.

    10. Or just as bad, coming joint first with someone else, because then you can’t feel you ~truly~ won.

    11. A desktop where everything is all over the place.

    12. The phrase “go with the flow”.

    13. Plans cancelled at the last minute and throwing everything off.

    14. Being late because of something out of your control like traffic.

    15. Or when someone else makes you late.

    16. The mere idea of leaving an assignment until the last minute.

    17. Really slow replies to texts and emails.

    18. Being told to “lower your standards”.

    19. People who see being late as a part of their personality.

    20. Meetings running over time.

    21. Drivers who pause for a moment too long when the traffic lights turn green.

    22. Any game where there isn’t a clear winner or the objective is to “just have fun”.

    23. Having a gap of time with nothing scheduled and not really knowing what to do with it.

    24. Or a weekend with no plans.

    25. Messy desks.

    26. Messy drawers.

    27. Appointments not starting on time.

    28. Spontaneous plans coming up.

    29. Losing at a board game.

    30. Or people deciding to cut a board game short before you’ve had a chance to win.

    31. Plans that aren’t 100% set in the stone so you’re left confused on the day about what you’re doing.

    32. Going out to eat with people who “don’t mind” where you eat so time gets wasted deciding.

    33. Going out to eat with someone who spends a small eternity looking at the menu before ordering.

    34. Handing in work that is slightly less than perfect.

    35. Getting a cold and having all of your plans thrown off.

    36. Going on holiday with other people and not being the one organising it.

    37. Or meticulously planning a holiday but nobody following the itinerary.

    38. Signing a card that's gone all smudgy.

    39. Having to compromise your penmanship when signing a group card because you don't have enough room.

    40. Watching someone else cook and noticing all the things they are doing wrong or inefficiently.

    41. Having to re-wash dishes because the first person didn't thoroughly scrub them.

    42. Writing something out, your pen drying up, and having a different colour of ink for the other half.

    43. Seeing books, or anything for that mattered, organised in an inefficient way just for the aesthetics.

    44. When someone says "I'll get back to you" with no timeframe of when exactly.

    45. Trying to de-stress and relax but then getting stressed because you can’t relax efficiently.

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