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18 Life-Changing Habits People Swear By That You Should Try In 2018

Get next year off to a good start.

We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us which habits changed their lives for the better in 2017. Here are some of their responses!

1. Keep your laptop out of bed as much as you can.

Flickr: johnjeddore

"I used to always bring my laptop up to my room, resulting in loss of sleep and lots of stress. So eventually I asked my partner if he could not let me take it. , meaning I would have to sneak it up, which she realised and wouldn't let me. Now I feel so much better! A little thing can really help y'all!!"


2. Put your change away somewhere where it can accumulate.

Flickr: practicalowl

"I've saved every $5 bill I get back from change and put it in a wine glass. I've saved up over $200 dollars in just a few months. This is the first time in my life i've successfully saved any large sum of money. It's made me think of how many $5s I use on things like coffee and gum and all the nickles it creates that end up in the bottom of my purse."


3. Keep better track of your periods with a handy app.

"I started using a period tracking app and I cannot recommend it enough. I've never been regular nor have I been one to even attempt to keep a diary. As a result, I have never known when to expect my TOM. Now I not only know when I'm due but the app has also helped me to better understand my health in general, both physical and mental."


4. Do something nice for your body and mind, by trying yoga.

Flickr: campusrecreation_ucdavis

"I started to do yoga few months ago. I have a REALLY stressful job , and I felt really anxious , stressed etc. I suddenly realised that the gym I am going to was having yoga classes, so I went once and immediately felt better. In addition to the classes, I am practicing it at home, before bedtime, when I have time in the mornings or whenever I feel like ( but not all the time - I have to get my shit done). Reduced my stress levels , and I am feeling more connected with my body. BEST FEELING EVER!!"

– taniabutler708

5. Or if yoga feels a bit daunting, take some time in the morning to stretch.


"Every morning I take about 10-15 minutes to stretch everything. I'm on my feet all day and I always assumed my shoes were what made everything hurt, but since I've been stretching I've never felt better! I feel energised and it wakes me up more than any amount of coffee ever has! Plus my varicose veins are disappearing. It's the best decision I've made this year."


6. Bullet-journal your way to being organised.

Flickr: louise_marston

"Bullet journaling – it doesn't have to be time consuming pages of fancy layout. Mine is a complete mess, and it uses a pre-printed diary, but it is very helpful on bad days to look over it and see the big picture, and that most of the time I get along OK. I include a sentence of gratitude with it every day, and I get a lot more shit done."

– Anna King via Facebook

7. Switch to half-decaf coffee if you don't want to commit to full decaf.

Flickr: kendrak

"It still tastes nice and you get your caffeine fix but you sleep way better. Or I do, at any rate."


8. Give yourself social media breaks when you feel you need them.


"I started off 2017 by taking a 2.5 month long break from social media. I wasn’t someone who used social media a ton anyways but I just noticed how often I used it as a distraction or in small bursts and figured it would be a fun challenge.

"After doing it that first time and multiple more times since, I can honestly not recommend it more. I found myself having more focus and clarity, I felt less stressed and overwhelmed, and I found myself having more time and what felt like better control over my life as a whole. Those small bursts throughout the day add up to a lot and, at least with me, I was able to realise how big of an effect social media had on my mental health. 10/10 would recommend."


9. And switch off those distracting push notifications.

"I turned off most of the notifications on my phone. Turning off Facebook especially has helped my anxiety by leaps and bounds. It was hard in the beginning but I like that I choose when I want to check my notifications and when I don't feel like it."


10. If you're trying to quit smoking, use an app to help you.

"Using the SmokeFree app I managed after many years to finally quit smoking, it's nearly eight months now I also joined a Facebook support group. I don't have much lung pain and lung infections anymore, and my wisdom teeth settled down. The SmokeFree app is what made the biggest difference and I didn't even want to quit at the start.

"It tracks your health improvements and money savings, has a diary, you earn badges and you even build up extra hours of lifetime! I have apparently regained 62 days and have saved nearly 600 quid by not smoking 1472 cigarettes. Cool!"


11. Every time you go to have some water, aim for 15 sips.


"It’s really the easiest way to drink more water. I never used to drink anything but now I’m one of those people who always carry around a huge bottle of water everywhere."


12. Or give Plant Nanny a try.

"I drink water every day now because of this app. I care more about these adorable little digital plants than I ever did about my own hydration. I've got like twelve plants now and I love them all. Also it's nice to be hydrated."


13. Swap out "sorry" for "thank you".


"I tried to avoid unnecessary apologies by switching sorry to thank you. For example, if I was holding someone up at work because I was in a stressful rush, instead of saying sorry I would say thank you for being patient with me. It tends to stop the back and forth of apologising when no one is really at fault. Also, people like to feel appreciated, so thank you is a great alternative."


14. Find a skincare routine, no matter how small, that works for you.

Flickr: perpetuallychic

"I didn't do much for my very dry skin but now that I've started using a cleanser, toner, serum, and moisturiser, my skin is so much softer and my redness has really cleared up."


15. Lay off the snooze button.


"It took a hell of a lot of willpower at the start, but I found that when I got straight up when my alarm went off I felt more prepared for the day – I had more time to get myself ready and actually made me feel more awake!!"


16. Save money by making your favourite takeaways at home.

Flickr: 41751012@N00

"I made myself a rule – if I can make it at home, don't order it for takeout. I began ordering a lot online over a short period of time, which cost a lot of money. I live near a few grocery stores and love to cook, so there's really no excuse other than laziness. Now I only order out food if it's something like sushi or a "treat yo'self" night (that only happens once every few months). I've saved a ton of money as a result (but sometimes a girl just needs some greasy chicken fingers)."


17. Practice a bit of mindfulness, even if only for a few minutes.


"Taking time every day, even just a minute or two, to practise mindfulness. I won't say I never get stressed now, but it's certainly helping me. The Headspace app is brilliant."

– Emily Westcott via Facebook

18. And make a happiness calendar so you can look back and see the positives.

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