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    Psst...Le Creuset Cookware Is On Sale At Amazon At The Moment, And I Just Thought You Should Know

    And yes, it includes their iconic casserole dish.

    Amazon have deals on selected Le Creuset cookware at the moment, so if you've been meaning to invest I honestly can't think of a better time!

    Their most famous product is of course their casserole dish, and this pretty blue one is 25% off.

    And this smaller one is also discounted by 25%!

    This pumpkin dish is 25% off, and so cute that IMO it shouldn't just be reserved for autumn.

    You can also save 25% on this rectangular dish that's perfect for baking berry crumbles this summer.

    Elevate your desserts with this heart shaped muffin tray that's 27% off (seriously, just imagine making heart shaped brownies in this!).

    This wine accessories gift set makes the perfect present for the fancy wine lover in your life, and at 26% off you're making a serious saving too.

    And while this isn't cookware, I had no idea they *also* did gorgeous vases, and this one is 27% off!

    Tempted? You can check out more Le Creuset deals on Amazon here!